Van Halen Icon Reacts To Bruce Springsteen Disrespect


Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar has responded to fans disrespecting Bruce Springsteen on social media. Hagar just responded to fans suggesting an Eddie Van Halen tribute show.

Hagar first posted, “Nancy my dear looongtime friend has made a very timely statement with the Bruce @Springsteen song The Rising. I love her voice she can say anything far as I’m concerned and keep my attention. Check this bad ass rocker doing her thing solo at @nancywilson!!! #TheRising #NancyWilson #BruceSpringsteen.’

One fan commented, “I don’t see any video or lyrics but if she’s bitching about this great country like Bruce did she can leave!!!!”

Hagar responded, “It’s not that way, it’s the interpretation of a statement it’s relative today about coming back after all the bullshit that’s gone down in 2020. Dig it it’s cool.”

Another fan added, “Bruce Springsteen is a freaking communist.”

Hagar shot back, “🧐 Well I’m not sure about any of that but I know that I am not A communist. God bless America you can do whatever you want in this wonderful country 🤟.”

Nancy Wilson commented, “Thank you so much for posting my dear red rocker brother! America is more beautiful with you in it. You rock us each and all without barriers!”