Motley Crue ‘Brain Surgery’ Revealed In Hospital Photo


Former Motley Crue singer John Corabi claimed he checked in his son for major brain surgery when he had the flu in a new post. Vince Neil ‘gained muscle’ for the Motley Crue reunion tour in new photos.

“Happy Birthday to @iancorabidrums…Seems like just yesterday that I took you to Toys-R-Us and told you that you were ‘ADOPTED’ when you asked for a bike. Or when I left you at that Mall in Utah, but you still found your way home at age 6….Or that time you had the flu, and I took you to the hospital, and checked you in for major brain surgery.

Or that time at your T ball game me and Nikki Sixx made you strike out to look like a total loser. Or how I taught you to say ‘F**k Off’ to your kindergarten teacher…And I taught you to read using my collection of ‘Jugs’ & ‘Hustler’ magazines…You still managed to grow into a reasonably decent human being!!! I love you…Dad.”

He also posted, “As usual The U.K. has been very kind to yours truly!!! Having a great time, and thank you!!! See you at The Yardbirds Rock Club tonight in Grimsby!!!! Tomorrow night at The Corporation in Sheffield….come say hello!!! #johncorabiwinteracoustictour #johncorabiacoustictour2019 #johncorabiacoustic #johncorabi #jcorabi59.”

He later wrote, “Hey to all my friends in Europe and the U.K….just a reminder you get TWO (2) Corabi’s hitting your shores this time…Ian Corabi (my son) and Sebastian LaBar (Jeff’s son) are coming with Tantric in November/December for the first time, and yours truly is coming for my acoustic winter tour…We hope to see you guys at the shows!!! Feel free to harass Baz, Jaron and Ian…😘Love you guys…Crabby #tantrictheband #jcorabiacoustictour2019 #iancorabidrums #johncorabiunplugged #jcorabi59.” A Motley Crue member called out a ‘fraud’ lead singer a few days ago.