Van Halen Icon Screams After Tragic News In Video


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar, his family, and their Mexican friends filmed a new video in react to tragic shootings in Texas and Ohio over the weekend in the United States. The El Paso, Texas shooting was racially motivated with hispanics being targeted, so Hagar and his friends screamed to ‘stop the violence’ in a bilingual way. Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang was offended by a ‘deeply disturbing’ claim yesterday.

Hagar screamed ‘stop the violence’ while others yelled ‘alto a la violencia!’ It’s a very touching message from Hagar who spends a lot of time in Mexico with his Cabo Wabo Cantina being located in Cabo San Lucas, with frequent performances in the country over the last couple of decades for his fans.

A Van Halen legend revealed last week why he was booed for a disgusting performance. Van Halen’s other singer David Lee Roth recently discussed his outlook on life on The Roth Show.

“I tell you what, all I’ve got to show you is my credibility. All I’ve got to show you is my honesty. All I’ve got to show you is my history. And this part of it guys you know I loved a song-and-dance brain.

I’m just a monkey so you don’t watch out the rest of the show and see if you want fucking stick around for me. Cuz I got some serious shit to tell you like this phrase. Where’s Roth and if I was in the other room everybody would freeze and I put on special booties.” Metalhead Zone transcribed Roth’s remarks.