Van Halen Icon Wants To Join AC/DC For Tour


Wolfgang Van Halen has revealed that for his first solo tour, he wants to join AC/DC or Foo Fighters as their opening act. Below are fan Q&A highlights with Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang.

Dream tour for your first solo excursion?

“Opening for AC/DC or Foo Fighters.”

It drives me insane that people continuously refer to @WolfVanHalen as “kid.” He is a grown man. It’s insulting to his accomplishments as a human being, let alone as a musician. His name may have gotten him in the door, but his plethora of talent has kept him there. #RESPECT Wolf Van Halen @WolfVanHalen

“You’re too kind. Thank you.”

I love how Jimmy Eat World put some demos on their “deluxe” releases. Any thoughts on if we’ll one day hear some early @MammothWVH demos on a future release?

“Hah all my demos are just shitty logic demos I made myself. So maybe a funny live stream where I show people how crappy it sounded before the final project could be in the cards lol.”

Are your band mates veteran musicians, been members of any known bands? Can’t wait to hear the full album.

“My drummer is Garrett Whitlock, we played together in Tremonti.

My guitar player is Frank Sidoris, he plays with Slash and Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.

My bass player is Ronnie Ficarro, who played with Falling In Reverse.

Phenomenal players and even better dudes.”