Van Halen Member Calls Out Bold Keith Richards Lie


Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience on Thursday, and he called out a myth about rock songwriting that has been popularized by people like The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. He also discussed Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. Alternative Nation reporter Mike Mazzarone transcribed his comments.

Roth: I’ve seen Freddie live at he Forum. I was, maybe, in the 20th row, when Bohemian Rhapsody had just come out.

Rogan: Oh my goodness.

Roth: Yeah, I saw him at his prime there so I’m very curious. Because stage craft is one thingm but what Freddy was and what he brought was way more than what you just saw on stage.

Rogan: Yeah…

Roth: Yeah, fair enough?

Rogan: Yeah, what was he bringing?

Roth: [gasps] Well, his sensibilities in terms of music weren’t just three cords and an attitude. Don’t fall for that shit either. If Keith [Richards] ever tries that shit (in Keith Richards voice): ‘It’s all right Rogan, you just need three chords and an attitude.’

Yeah, and you need to know the inversions of each one, all seven of, ah fuck you Keith, because he does know all those and the tricks and whatever. Freddie brought a whole wealth of listening to different kinds of music. Whether it was orchestral, big band, bistro, musette, which might be something that you hear in a coffee shop in France.

  • Let’s Go Moppy! / Moppy Sucks!

    Hahaha DLR you were Keith’s bitch and opening act twice at the height of VH’s career.

  • WminPhoenix

    David Lee Roth hasn’t been relevant in 20 + years. A snowflake lounge singer whining about Keith Richards. Pathetic

    • Mike C

      He’s actually praising Keith’s abilities, but calling him out for downplaying them.

    • Paul Garfield

      The article is bluster and posturing. DLR is NOT attacking Richard’s! Roth is correct in a classical sense regarding songwriting and is arguably one of the greatest frontmen ever.

      Btw, when was the last time Richard’s was relevant? Additionally, Roth is certainly nobody’s bitch. Allowing Richard’s band to headline was a gratuitous tribute to the seniority of the industry itself. Roth would do the same had it been Sinatra.

      • Jim Barfield

        Keith Richards is very relevant. A lot more so than David Lee Roth. The Stones are definitely one of the best rock band of all time- no question about it. Van Halen was pretty great and I love their music- but the Stones are in a whole different worldwide class.

        • Paul Garfield

          No one said the stones weren’t, however, compare sales of the first six stones albums compared to VH, then tell me what you think. Also, if you’re going to make or refute a statement, please back it up with something. Keith is relevant to what, the heroine market?

          • Davy Watson

            Mate, you’re out of order. Wind it in. You’re talking complete bollox and its dribbling down your chin.

          • Jim Barfield

            Dude you have lost your British mind if you think the Stones are not relevant. Now, I would love to see Van Halen play again; I will be the first to buy tickets man- but the Rolling Stones are still in a whole different league. Just a fact mate.

          • Davy Watson

            Jim, I’m with you. My initial reply was for DLR’s mate, Paul Garfield.

          • Paul Garfield

            Hmm. Read well? Where did you see The Stones, weren’t relevant?

          • Paul Garfield

            Mate? I can see the bloke intelligence streaming out of your mouth but not a statistic to back any of your nonsensical mouthage!

  • Liffe O’Reilly

    DLR is an annoying cunt

  • Stuart Trongo

    Who writes these moronic headlines? Bold Keith Richard’s lie? I clicked on it so shame on me.


      Right? Me too.

    • Egg Man

      Fuckin A.

  • memyselfand32

    A irrevelant parasite. Trying latch on to Keith Richards. And the world, yawns

    • Jim Barfield

      No. The world does not yawn.. Keith Richards is awesome and he plays way better than anybody since Angus Young and also Slash. The dude is a monster on the guitar- subdued yes- just a monster

  • memyselfand32

    Maybe he and Danny Partridge can form a group. Both are in need, of attention and money.


    It was certainly not worth calling Keith Richards a liar over that quip. Three chords and an attitude is where everybody starts and it can certainly get you down the road a bit. Keith has picked up 7 chords, all their inversions, and all the tricks along the way.

  • Darek M

    This website is quickly establishing itself as click-bait’y pot stirrers, taking shit out of context and attaching bold headlines. Desparate for clicks. Maybe it’s time to quit this “journalism” gig and get real jobs if you can’t make money being ethical.

    • John

      Well put! The headlines are incredibly exaggerated, and I can’t believe some of these flimsy “stories” actually get published.

  • ThatGuy

    Hey, Kieth Richards doesn’t care. He’s just glad to be alive to be talked about.

  • Hi

    Was there an article?

  • H.K. northern cali

    Roth wishes he could have hooked up with Mercury.

  • Sidney

    Note to self: NEVER click on anything at AlternativeNation

  • Okc Dave

    The whole article was trash, didn’t even spell check.

  • 5man

    This is a stupid ass post done for clicks and nothing else.

  • Sean Barnes

    I saw David Lee Roth 2012 he couldn’t remember any words to any of his own songs.

  • rashard4

    Is this the bold lie? I’ve heard a lot of other great musicians of varying skill paraphrase the same thing about 3-3 chords. This “article” is click-bait attempting to create content out of essentially nothing. Find alternatives to alternative nation.

  • TM

    Garbage title, garbage story, garbage journalism. This is really the bottom of the barrel crap.