Van Halen Member Pulled Gun On Fred Durst


Eddie Van Halen once drove wild through the streets of Beverly Hills intoxicated. He arrived to the home of Fred Durst and apparently pulled a gun on him. It’s a wonder Van Halen was never arrested for such a crime – two in fact. But what’s more surprising is that we are barely hearing about this now. So, why did Halen threaten Durst?

As per Louder Sound, Following Eddie Van Halen’s unlikely jam with Fred Durst, which he described as like “being a scholar amongst kindergartners”, the guitarist returned to the Limp Bizkit frontman’s house, armed and in a tank.

In one of the weirder stories in rock history, guitar hero Val Halen once jammed with Limp Fred Durst. The tale doesn’t stop there however, and indeed takes a bizarre turn, for, following the session, Van Halen apparently returned to Durst’s house in a tank, gun in hand, to pick up some equipment he left behind.

According to details in the photobook Eruption in the Canyon: 212 Days & Nights With the Genius of Eddie Van Halen by Andrew Bennett, the strange altercation took place following guitarist Wes Borland’s departure from Limp Bizkit in 2001.

In the search for a replacement, the nu metal band held auditions, but were shortly distracted by the prospect of jamming with a guitar legend, the one and only Eddie Van Halen.