Vicky Cornell ‘Close To Justice’ For Chris Cornell Death


Chris Cornell‘s widow Vicky has confirmed that we are moving ‘closer to justice’ for Chris’ death in a new social media post, as transcribed by Alternative Nation. Soundgarden recently claimed how much they had been paid after Chris Cornell’s death.

Vicky Cornell shared a New York Times headline that reads: ‘FDA Requires Stronger Warning Label For Xanax and Similar Drugs.’

Vicky said, “This is how we move closer to justice for Chris Cornell and so many others. We can only help others by sharing our story, sharing our truth and not being silenced no matter what – together we make change happen. This is only the beginning – Chris’ death will not go in vain…”

She then quoted the article, “The current prescribing information does not provide adequate warnings about these serious risks and harms associated with these medicines…”

Vicky also shared a post by her daughter Toni about the mental stigma about addiction, “Toni, I am so beyond proud of the strong woman you are growing up to be. It takes so much courage to share the truth, and I am just blown away by your bravery and in fighting for what is right in this world. Not only did you address such a personal matter that has caused you so much hurt, but you are using your voice to battle a stigma that affects so many.

Your dad would be so proud of you for not only sharing the truth but also fighting against the stigma of addiction. He always used his platform to help others, and I am so proud that you are too. You are going to change the world my sweet girl. I love you!”