Red Hot Chili Peppers’ John Frusciante Calls Out Chad Smith


Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante called out Flea for playing bass on his song “The Slaughter” and Chad Smith for drumming in a newly unearthed interview with Ultimate-Guitar’s Steven Rosen. Frusciante also discussed Josh Klinghoffer.

“Yeah, he plays upright bass on there. When I wrote that song I was just trying to use certain chords. It goes from an Ab to A and then this diminished chord [1st fret fifth string, 2nd fret fourth string, open G, 2nd fret second string], then to a B and C#m and this diminished chord [3rd fret fifth string, 4th fret fourth string, 3rd fret third string, 4th fret second string], E and then an F#m6, E and F#m6. But the big change is Am6 to Amaj7. I’m always looking for interesting things to do; going from Am6 to Amaj 7 is an unusual thing and it doesn’t happen in that many songs.

When you can make something like that make sense, when you can make odd chords like that make sense in the context of a song, that’s what I’m always looking for. I was proud of that song because I was using certain chords. I know I’m not the only songwriter who uses that as their main reason for writing a song. That’s what’s fun about writing songs, it’s like a little mathematical game of trying to do something interesting.”

A Pearl Jam member performing with John Frusciante was revealed in a video a couple of weeks ago. A Red Hot Chili Peppers fan on Reddit recently discussed meeting Frusciante’s replacement Josh Klinghoffer at a Bicycle Thief show a couple of days ago.

Waterfortendays said, “Josh is obviously very shy and private but he is an absolute sweetheart when you do get to speak to him. This was a VERY intimate event, and I have met Josh before and he remembered me, so I think he was more open to letting me get a picture since I didn’t before.

There were also barely 50-60 people there so it was much less likely for any large scale hassle from fans, although by the end of barely a few people speaking to him after the show he was clearly getting annoyed and hurrying to leave (he immediately left after the Bicycle Thief set even though the event went on for much longer).

As for the others, in my previous Flea encounter he refused to take photos but did offer to sign things, and did reply to me when I gave him a shout. Anthony and Josh obviously hate the attention and will hurry away from fans if they’re at a big show.”