Vinnie Paul’s Friend Rips ‘Douche’ Pantera Singer


Do you ever wonder, who else could drum out the beats to Pantera’s music? It’s a question the perhaps floods the minds of an ultimate Pantera fan, be they old or young. Perhaps the thought is a daily topic of discussion for the true fan. Perhaps it’s not. Perhaps the topic is, should they cut, or grow their hair? Whatever the discussion is you can bet that rock band Pantera are very glad that you or anyone are talking about them.

According to Ultimate Guitar, Pete Evick is a friend of Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul. Recently, Pete visited “The Bay Ragni Show” and talked about Pantera’s lineup.

He said (via Blabbermouth):

“I think Phil’s a douche. I think Phil’s a douchebag. And Vinnie was my friend. Not an acquaintance — Vinnie was my friend.” Strong words.

After pointing to a Dean guitar on his wall, he added:

“Vinnie and Dean Guitars gave that to me. It’s the 10-year-anniversary-of-Dime’s-death model guitar. They gave it to all the Dean players. I’ve been a Dean guy for 20 years or whatever. Vinnie was great. And Vinnie was a great producer. He understood the studio. And me and him were friends. He was great to my son.”

As far as the lineup goes, Pete is very open about his appreciation for Zakk Wylde and how he’s the best option to replace Dimebag Darrell. However, as far as drummers go, he’d prefer someone else, even though Charlie Benante, as he says, is a great choice.

Pete continued:

“I think that the world deserves to celebrate the music. I believe that the only [guitarist] that should be allowed to do it is Zakk Wylde. Charlie Benante… Maybe it could have been Mike Portnoy; maybe it could have been Mikkey Dee. There’s a handful of people… Charlie’s great for it.”

He continued:

“I don’t give one shit about that guy. [Laughs] I don’t know him. I don’t not know him. I know he’s the bass player. Me and Vinnie never once had a conversation about the guy. I don’t know anything about him personally. I don’t know that he did anything on bass that was mind blowing. Maybe he did; I don’t know. So I don’t have an opinion. But I’m glad that there’s multiple living members of the band. I think that I like it better that he’s there. I think if it was just Phil, I might be a lot more angry about it.”

At least Pete has an opinion.