Howard Stern Calls Out ‘Angry’ Chris Cornell Bandmate


Howard Stern discussed Chris Cornell‘s Audioslave bandmate Tom Morello in a new episode of his show, and discussed him being ‘angry’ leading to great songs. Howard Stern dropped a James Hetfield rehab bombshell after the Metallica frontman’s relapse. recapped: Howard said they had this story about this woman with the garbage in the paper. He said he’s all for shaming people like this. He said if you do that then shit happens. Robin said sometimes you have to do it. Howard said her neighbors were complaining about her and the town did nothing. He said now that it’s in the paper they are doing something. Robin said they think they can do what they want when it’s their property. Howard said he digs that band Rage Against the Machine. He said he sings ”F**k you I won’t do what you tell me” and he’s not thrilled with that. He said he doesn’t like hearing that. He told Fred to play that. Fred played ”Killing in the Name Of” and Howard talked it up like Cousin Brucie. Howard said what a great riff that is. He said this is like that woman singing she won’t pick up her garbage.

Howard said that Tom Morello is an angry dude. He said he listened to his show on Sirius. He said he has an hour a week or an hour a day… he’s not sure. Howard got back to the song and let it play a bit more. Howard said that song is going to take forever to get to that part. He said you get the idea.

Howard said you have to throw your garbage out. He said that’s like Ronnie saying that he wont’ turn down his music until 2 in the morning. Robin said people like that should live far away from people. Howard said he should live in Wyoming or North Dakota. He said you can tell people f**k you I won’t do what you tell me out there. A Brad Pitt and Chris Cornell movie lie was revealed last week.

Howard said the 90s had great music. He said Tom Morello has a show on Lithium that’s pretty good. He said 90 percent of the music he plays are bands he was in. He said it’s good. He said he likes it. He said he usually doesn’t like when they break format but he does with that.

Howard said Chris Cornell was in a band called Audioslave with Tom Morello. He said they were great too. He played a little bit of one of their songs but cut it off pretty quick. Eddie Vedder made a weird Chris Cornell revelation over the weekend.