Paul Stanley Reveals If He’s ‘Finished’ With KISS


Paul Stanley, iconic frontman of KISS revealed on Instagram that just got done listening to the latest, finished recorded tracks from his son Evan Shane, and he’s also revealed that he will return to the KISS farewell tour despite his illness. Stanley wrote the following about the songs via his Instagram and it appears that he couldn’t be any prouder. Ace Frehley recently revealed If KISS’ Paul Stanley is lip-syncing.

I Just Heard All Of Evan’s Finished Recorded Songs. Wait Until YOU Hear! Totally Different Than What I Do. Current, Hip And AWESOME. Very Proud.

KISS confirmed first performance without Paul Stanley not too long ago. In other news revolving Paul Stanley and KISS fans of the group debated what their favorite 80s era KISS track was in a recent topic on the group’s subreddit.

Skimb0 wrote: “I like 80s Kiss a lot. Granted, I was born in 91 way after either era so it all sounds cheesey to me. I mean that in a good way, buy 70s cheese is different from 80s cheese. They had great hits, some of their heaviest work and some cheesy pop. All great and the production was overall better in the 80s.

RockguitarPF responded: “In addition to Burn Bitch Burn, I’ll add No No No. Fucking Gene trying to sound all tough and hardcore while 15-year-old me was laughing and shaking my head at how much those songs suck. “I would NEVER put this kind of shit on an album!” I said.”

Guacamole-king put: “Not a fan of most 80s stuff, but All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose is one of my favorites, and has a solo that is kinda unique as far as Kiss guitar solos go. The Oath is cheesy as hell but also that riff is so great. War Machine is probably the only Gene song I like from the 80s.” This KISS icon was recently disrespected by Paul Stanley: ‘it’s dishonorable’.