Watch Chris Cornell’s Final Soundgarden Show, Featuring ‘In My Time Of Dying’ Homage


Chris Cornell performed live for the final time last night with Soundgarden in Detroit at the Fox Theatre prior to his tragic death later that night in his hotel room, which is being investigated as an ‘apparent suicide,’ according to the Detroit Police Department.

Before “Mailman,” Cornell discussed the inspiration for the song.

“Back in the day, not when we were starting out, but we were just starting to take a fucking real run at being a band that had a future recording albums. We were rehearsing in a place with a post office right across the street. Weirdly enough, this isn’t a lie, there was a little bit of anxiety running all the time that somebody would show up with some fucking ridiculous automatic weapon and starting shooting everybody, and then maybe one of us would catch a stray bullet. Somewhere in there, the inspiration to this song came in. This is called ‘Mailman.'”

During the band’s last song, “Slaves and Bulldozers,” Cornell incorporated in lyrics from Led Zeppelin’s “In My Time Of Dying,” which he had done in the past.

Watch videos from the final Soundgarden show with Chris Cornell below.