Watch Eddie Vedder Perform In A Backyard With The Who


Photo credit: Horace Austin

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder performed at The Who’s ‘Who Cares About the Next Generation’ charity gala last night in Los Angeles to benefit Teen Cancer America. Joan Jett also performed, and there was a live auction run by auctioneer Howie Mandel with celebrity guests including David Spade. $3.2 million was raised at the show.

Vedder performed a set that included “Can’t Keep,” “Rise,” and “Ukulele Anthem.”

Vedder introduced “Last Will and Testament” with a tribute to Prince. “Here’s a song about estate planning. A friend of mine worked with Prince, and she said it’s such a tragedy, and she said adding to that tragedy, you’ve got to get your affairs in order Ed. Because she knows that I don’t, she said it’s a horrific nightmare, so this is truly about estate planning.”

Vedder also discussed a high school student who had cancer and persevered through it, while still completing his school work online. He said unfortunately he came 6 units short and wasn’t able to walk with his graduating class, but he mentioned that the young man was at Magic Mountain with his friends on their graduation trip.

He was also joined by The Who’s Simon Townshend to perform “I’m The Answer,” before joining The Who later to perform “The Real Me.”

Watch videos below from the show.