Howard Stern Makes Creepy Kid Rock Revelation


Howard Stern played a creepy version of a Kid Rock song on his show this week, as part of a backwards versions of song game with a caller named Michael. Howard Stern revealed an awful Janis Joplin remark a few days ago. recapped: Gary said this is not his game or idea. Howard said the reason they have a large audience is because they want to feel smart. Howard said this guy won’t get any if he played 10 for him. He said he asked Will why they were playing this. He said when he blames Gary isn’t because the buck stops with him. Gary said he was a bad contestant. Howard said go find him a good one. Gary said half the office got them.

Howard put Michael on hold and picked up on a guy who claims he can get them. He had Corey on the line. Corey said the one he just did was ”Happy” by Pharrell. Howard said he doesn’t have any money for this guy. Corey said that’s fine. He played anyway. Howard played another song for the guy and he had no idea what it was. Howard said it was Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl.

Howard said he knew this game was going to blow. He said it’s easy until you’re on the phone. Howard played another song for Corey. Corey said that’s The Black Eyed Peas ”Lets Get Retarded.” Howard said that’s right.

Howard played another song and Corey. Robin said she knows that one. Howard said lets see this genius. Corey said that he has to have a minute. Howard said he won’t get it. Robin said it’s Lady Gaga. Howard said it’s Poker Face.

Howard played Corey another one. He said that’s Ed Sheeran. He forgot the name of the song. Howard said that’s right.

Howard played another one which was Metallica. He had another one which was Kid Rock. He said they’re going to have a whole station there playing backward songs.

Gary said that they have $500 for Corey as well. Howard said that’s great. Corey sounded happy with that too. Howard said that’s thanks to their pals at Zip Recruiter. Howard wrapped up with Corey and put him on hold. He came out of his Stink Martindale character after that. Howard Stern made a scary Neil Young claim last year.