Watch Linkin Park Get Kicked Out Of AMA’s As They Honor Chester Bennington


Linkin Park won the Favorite Alternative Rock Artist award at the AMA’s last night. Mike Shinoda said during his acceptance speech:

“First of all, thank you so much to all the fans here and around the world who voted for the band, who have supported the band through thick and thin.”

“I got a chance to talk to those guys … who said really wonderful things about Chester [Bennington]. And they were similar to the things that our fans said all around the world about him, and we want to dedicate this award to him, to his memory, to his talent, to his sense of humor, to his joy.”

He added: “Remember, you guys — all of you, tonight — whether you’re a fan or an artist, I want you guys to take a moment to appreciate what you’ve got and make Chester proud. Thank you guys so much.”

Shinoda and his Linkin Park bandmates had difficulties with their credentials, and they were actually kicked out of the AMA’s and had difficulty getting back in. Watch video below via Rock Feed.

UPDATE: Linkin Park Live has tweeted us and they think it’s Mike trolling. Do you think Mike is trolling, or he really was kicked out? Watch the video below!