Watch Marilyn Manson’s Epic Fall: ‘I Just Broke My Ankle!’


Marilyn Manson appeared to fall while in the crowd singing “The Beautiful People” in Pittsburgh last night. He crawled back on stage, and managed to get up but he walked off cutting the song short. He came back on stage with opener Alice Glass. He then said, “I just my ankle, but it’s okay because Alice Glass is going to fill in for me.” Manson’s band then picked “The Beautiful People” back up.

“I told you I was going to break my ankle because the tour manager is a fascist.”

It’s unclear how serious he was being regarding how bad he was hurt, but he did appear to be walking gingerly. Watch the video below.

In a new interview with NME, Marilyn Manson was asked to give his reaction to various pictures. While he spoke at length of pictures featuring his friend Johnny Depp, musician David Bowie and more, to an image of KISS, Manson replied: “These are four gay dudes in Halloween costumes.”

He also discussed wanting to create a ‘Tinder for kids.’

“I was trying to come up with a new Tinder for kids called Kinder, for sexy kids.”

He also pointed at one of his rings, “This ring had cocaine in it when Johnny Depp proposed to me. Now it doesn’t.”

Manson also told NME that he’d be interested in running for office — but only as Johnny Depp’s running mate. Although Depp has shown no indication that he wants to run for president, he’s already got a willing vice president in Manson. Asked what their policies would be, Manson replied: “We’d set new holidays for sure. Johnny Depp Day, Marilyn Manson Day. I wouldn’t live in the White House — it’s too white and too stupid-looking.”

Manson added that President Donald Trump “doesn’t worry me any more than any of the other presidents. The only president I ever voted for was Barack Obama. Just because I thought it was such a unique period in history that I wanted to do it just so that I could say I’d done it. I didn’t really think that my vote would make a difference.”

The singer admitted that he didn’t vote last year “because I’d have had to get up early.”