Watch A Perfect Circle Debut New Song “Hourglass”


Watch new video of A Perfect Circle debuting their new song “Hourglass” in Tulsa below.

A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel discussed the band’s new album in a new Tulsa Voice interview.

“So far I’ve just been working by myself. Literally, been in my room with no one else around working on these songs. I send mixes off to Maynard on a server and he’s been working on them in his isolation. Then we’re going to get together next month and combine where we’re holding these ideas, then get in a room and get with the band, play them in a live setting and see what happens with the human element that comes into the picture.

I’m waiting for some feedback—some of Maynard’s ideas. We tracked years ago. I’m getting very anxious and curious to see where Maynard is at with things. Right now, I have the songs in demo form but they’re easily finishable, but he’s sending me down different paths and has asked me to take out my scissors and cut them into different shapes and paste them back on a page. We can be in the same room but we just happen to be communicating about the same track—just in different parts of the country.”

He also said, “Well, that’s kind of how we’ve always done the other APC records. I write it by myself and get it to a place where I’m not embarrassed by it anymore, then present it. And then usually Maynard writes to it. Then, again, we get the band together into a rehearsal room and work them out. Now, to be honest,

I’d kind of prefer it the other way. Maynard and I have talked about this before: going somewhere away from my home base, away from his home base and going on working vacation. Working together somewhere in isolation for 10 days and just seeing what happens.”