Izzy Stradlin Calls Out Guns N’ Roses Replacement Member


Izzy Stradlin was replaced by Gilby Clarke in Guns N’ Roses in 1991, and according to Clarke, Stradlin would call him and speak to him when he was in the band. Clarke made the remarks on Riki Rachtman’s Cathouse Hollywood Podcast. A Guns N’ Roses member leaked an Izzy Stradlin reunion photo a few weeks ago.

“I haven’t talked to him recently. I know Matt Sorum talks to him every now and then but, I mean, I did talk to him, even when he was in Guns, we still were in contact. I’d run into him at places, we’d hang out and talk. But I knew Izzy before Guns, so we definitely had a good relationship.”

He said about Guns N’ Roses’ lack of camaraderie, “Yeah, look, there’s a lot of positives about the band, don’t get me wrong, I really believe that the strong individuals make what made [1987’s] ‘Appetite for Destruction’ such a great record, and I’m not saying, ‘Hey, the guys don’t get along.’

They get along, it’s just that the band never was that brotherhood kind of thing, you know, everybody had their own thing and stuff. I never really felt that brotherhood thing with them. Maybe Slash and Duff felt that between the two of them. I was really good friends with Slash, spent a lot of time with him, did records together besides Guns and all that kind of stuff, but it never felt like that.”

Slash firing a Guns N’ Roses bandmate at a restaurant was just revealed. Guns N’ Roses announced a summer 2020 European tour earlier this month, and fans aren’t happy about ticket prices on MyGNRForum.com. Zigzagbigbag said, “Other than within the last years, you can still buy tickets regularly for all categories for all 2020 concerts in Germany (Hamburg and Munich). Obviously, the average Joes aren’t interested anymore. By the way, ticket prices are ridiculous.

Not in this lifetime I would have ever thought that I am gonna skip a GNR tour through my country. But at this stage, in no way I am gonna go in 2020. I might change my opinion if a new album drops from the sky or something else dramatically changes, e.g. Axl can sing again.”

Master of Reality responded, “The prices for Germany are absolutely ridiculous. I was considering going to the Olympiastadium since there is no gig in Belgium next year but i quickly changed my mind seeing those prices. A floorticket costs 50 (!) Euros more than for example the Lisbon gig. I bought me some tickets for Firenze Rocks instead. 85 Euros and 3-4 extra bands + a nice vacation in Tuscany.”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Gilby Clarke’s comments.