AC/DC Make Bombshell Announcement In New York


AC/DC have announced that a ‘Highway to Hell’ 40th anniversary advertisement by YouTube is featured in Times Square in New York. Angus Young recently revealed previously unreleased Bon Scott material.

“Thanks so much. @youtubemusic for putting AC/DC up in Times Square! AC/DC’s full catalog is now available on the new #YouTubeMusic app.”

There have been constant rumors that an AC/DC tour and new album with Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams returning to the band, and the experts on AC/DC Fans have had many predictions. Carlos Fandango wrote, “Ok, here’s a thought for you all.

If I was AC/DC or their business guy I would delay any new album/tour announcement till nearer the end of the year as I could capitalize on any potential uptick in CD sales at Christmas (old style business model I know but there has got to be an extra few million dollars in the Christmas market not just in music sales but merch as well) I would also announce a summer/fall stadium tour at the same time (Late Oct-Nov-early Dec) of Europe and the States (maybe South America) which leads into Australia/New Zealand at the back end of the year and gives everyone enough time to plan and gives them time to book up stadiums and get all their ducks lined up in a row. It all ties in with the 40th anniversary of Back in Black mid 2020.

Album release Nov/Dec 2019
Tour May to Dec 2020
BIB 40th anniversary keeps the buzz going
AC/DC sign off in style at the end of 2020.”

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