Angus Young Imminent AC/DC ‘Return’ Revealed


AC/DC guitarist Angus Young works closely with Solo Dallas on guitar gear, and SoloDallas has said a ‘return’ is imminent from the rock god, who is rumored to reunite with Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams for a new AC/DC album and tour. Solo Dallas posted a cryptic photo and said, “Some things – some ‘good’ things – sometimes they return. It’s happening. Soon. Happy Week! #solodallas #kenschaffer #schafferreplica #guitargods #angusyoung @acdc.”

An AC/DC icon looked unhappy in a recent restaurant photo.

the_bs_investigator commented, “Excuse me, what? Am I hearing this right?”

Solo Dallas responded, “@the_bs_investigator Depends? 😂👍🏻”

An AC/DC icon was recently photographed partying with two older and beautiful women. Dust Devil recently wrote about AC/DC’s Monsters of Rock performance in Moscow in 1991 on, “I’ve just re-watched this YouTube video for the first time in about five years. It’s fucking tremendous. Of particular note is DC’s FTATR, right at the end of the whole video. The band were so energised, especially Brian.

Just listen to his YEAAHH-YEAHHH-EH-EHHH’s at the start of it, before the first verse….. I can’t recall seeing or hearing another live version where he hits that highest note as spot on as the studio version. Wonderful stuff.”

Briany responded, “They should have let Wayne Isham work on the band’s whole set that night and release it as a standalone video. Potentially even better than Donington. The whole concert video is amazing, though, and something I played the absolute shit out of back in the day.

Standout moments include –

* Ecstacy of Gold with the chopper flying above the crowd, and then the crowd just going MENTAL for Enter Sandman
* Unforgiven over footage of the August Putsch
* The whole of FTATR cut with the footage of the fans arriving to the concert that day.” An AC/DC employee recently hinted at a tour.