AC/DC Employee Tour Leak In California Revealed


AC/DC and Paul McCartney Front of House (FOH) Engineer Pab Boothroyd cryptically tweeted from San Francisco, California on Wednesday, “AC/DC……😎.” There have been heavy rumors of a 2020 AC/DC tour reuniting surviving ‘Back in Black’ members Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams. A major rock band revealed a few days ago that they heard AC/DC will tour next year.

Axl Rose appears to be sticking with Guns N’ Roses after his time in AC/DC, and fans on compared GNR and AC/DC’s careers in some recent posts. Briany posted, “I think the history of Guns ‘n’ Roses disproves a couple of myths that are prevalent around here about AC/DC.

Myth #1) AC/DC’s career was saved by Thunderstruck. I would say the song put them back in the mainstream eye, but they wouldn’t exactly have sunk if they’d just continued trading on Back in Black, Highway to Hell et al. If Guns could build a touring career on the back of 1 seminal album, AC/DC could have managed it with the handful they already had.

Myth #2) Nobody will come to see you if your band hasn’t got any original members. As good as it is to have the classic crew, most people who go to shows just don’t care. I remember seeing GnR perform on the 2002 MTV awards and thinking to myself, ‘….who the fuck…..’ It was a real Return to Oz moment. But people were going nuts anyway.”

The Who revealed who they and AC/DC ripped off yesterday. Thankass responded, “But without Thunderstruck a whole generation would not be introduced to HTH and BIB, so they could have easily slipped down the Deep Purple or Def Leppard path.

GnR with the 2002-2012 line up never draw so much attention, people and money as the NITL line up.”