AC/DC Icon Spotted Partying With Beautiful Older Women


AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams was photographed a couple of weeks ago with two beautiful sisters at a party as AC/DC are rumored to be preparing for a new album and tour. They all sure do look great! An AC/DC employee leaked a tour hint in California yesterday.

A woman named Victoria wrote, “Here we are with my sister and Steve at a neighborhood party in [location censored], at the home of Cliff Williams, the bass guitarist for ACDC. !!!!!”

mkberg on proposed that “Back In Business” be the opening song on the rumored AC/DC tour in 2020 reuniting Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd. A young big name singer claimed AC/DC would tour just days ago.

“Btw, what an opener this track would be! Picture a pitch black indoor stadium, no intro video, no spotlights, just Phil’s cigarette. From nowhere you hear Stevie tearing the strings apart with the opening riff,, members lose their mind and the casuals think ‘what’s this new track?.’ The Rudd quickly joins in, beating the hell out of the drums.

Simultaneously as he hit the ‘opening cymbal,’ the entire stage lights up in an inferno and Angus unleashes the hammer on-G while standing above the drum kit with his right hand up in the sky. A second too late Brian enters from the stage’s right side, but redeems himself with a killer ‘Breakin’ out!’ delivery, positioned at the stage edge leaning backwards with knees in an old school 90 degree angle.

Recovered from the shock of emotions you hear a bassline you’ve never heard before, because Mr. Cliff Williams is back and finally bringing justice to the FOTW production. That’s my opener!” An AC/DC Axl Rose breakup secret was recently revealed.