Anthony Kiedis Breaks Silence On Red Hot Chili Peppers Firing


Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis spoke with John Frusciante before deciding to fire Josh Klinghoffer, Josh revealed in a new WTF with Marc Maron podcast interview. Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks. Red Hot Chili Peppers just revealed a drug worse than heroin.

“I had known that John [Frusciante] had reached out to Anthony not too long ago. It crossed my mind.”

He also revealed what Kiedis and the other members told him when firing him. Klinghoffer remembered, “I came over, it was really sweet. I rode my bike over, because Flea is living really close to me at the moment. They just said, ‘We’ll get right to it, we’ve decided to ask John to come back to the band.’

I just sat there quiet for a second, then I said, ‘I’m not surprised.’ I guess the only thing I could think to say was, ‘I wish I could have done something with you guys musically or creatively that would have made this an absolute musical impossibility.’ But that’s next to impossible.”

NaturalBob commented on Reddit, “Absolutely agree and I’m kinda sad over this, like yes Frusciante is my favorite of all the guitarists they’ve had over the years, I’m With You grew on me almost as powerfully as By The Way did, I love his work and I’m kinda attached to this era now especially as the first time I got to see them live was Nov 2011 so I’ve never experienced a live gig with John.

Also back when my music collection wasn’t fucked, I had loads of the live soundboards from their IWY tour including a couple I was at, and if you’ve heard those esp in later stages of the tour his guitar work on songs like Sir Psycho and I Could Have Lied was really interesting and beautiful in their own way.

I hope Josh stays friends with all of them and there’s no bad blood down the line, and I’ll be watching what he gets involved in from here on (first heard him collaborating on some of John’s solo records and also drumming briefly for Warpaint.

I love Josh! I remember when IWY came out and I was getting nervous they were going to stop making music, but if just felt like they just evolved further and were reborn. I’m hoping for the same now! I kinda hope John falls in love with guitar again though and it works out for him, I really thought he’d just grown a distaste for that kind of music when he started down his electronic synth type path haha.” Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ex-guitarist recently made a ‘sick’ Nirvana claim.