Metallica Drop Big Name Prison Bombshell


Metallica have fans all around the world and from every walk of life. While it’s shocking to hear that someone’s soccer mom is a huge Metallica fan; it’s also shocking when you learn that a serial killer was once almost as close as could be to the band.

In a recent interview, Kirk Hammett opened up about the oddest things that he has experienced since being in Metallica. Surely, Hammett had tons of stories to share with the public, but nothing came close to the bombshell that he was about to drop about one of the biggest fans of the band.

During the interview, Kirk Hammett said that he learned that notorious serial killer, Richard Ramirez was a huge fan of all of the metal band’s work. In fact, Richard would have the chance to get very close to the band when they would go to San Quentin and record a music video for ‘St. Anger’.

The unfortunate part for the serial killer, Ramirez, was that he would not be allowed to see the band play as he was on death row for his awful crimes. Even though he would pace and complain about not being able to see the band to the guards, he would give Metallica a ‘gift’ of his to them.

Hammett would say: “He gave the guards his subscription copy of a magazine with us on the cover and on the mail tag it said: ‘Richard Ramirez, San Quentin Prison.’… So that’s my little token from Richard Ramirez. Not to glorify the guy – he did some horrible crimes.”

On the day that Metallica would be at the maximum security prison; a guard would go up to them and give them a magazine with the band on the cover of it. This is something that has yet to be forgotten.

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