Billy Corgan Reveals If Stone Temple Pilots Deserve Name Without Scott Weiland


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan was asked about Stone Temple Pilots carrying on with new singer Jeff Gutt following the death of Scott Weiland in 2015. Weiland’s first replacement Chester Bennington died in 2017. Below are excerpts from recent Billy Corgan Instagram story Q&A’s.

How do you feel about STP without Scott Weiland?

“STP is a great band, and those classic songs should be played and new music should be made.”

Was it hard being a gothic kid in the 80’s?

“Was constantly threatened with violence and bullied.”

Vanity is one of my favorite songs. Any recollections from writing it?

“When I wrote it I thought it was very strong. Then soured on it. But later realized it was as good as I had originally thought.”

Would you rank Oceania (song) as one of your top songs of all time?

“Hard to say. I rank by period and intention (musically speaking). But a top song of last 10 years.”

Why do you shred so rarely seeing as you’re so good at it?

“I assume that no one wants to see me solo anymore. And I say that honestly. I only do so in these songs cause that’s the part called for.”

I think I’m asking dumb questions.

“You’ll get no argument from me.”

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