Pearl Jam Could Face Cancellation Over Controversy Backlash


Some conservatives have taken to Twitter to campaign to have SiriusXM cancel Pearl Jam Radio in the wake of the band’s controversial new poster depicting a dead President Donald Trump. Other fans though have come to Pearl Jam’s defense, with one stating he’ll cancel SiriusXM if they cancel Pearl Jam Radio. There is a topic with an unsubstantiated rumor about a Pearl Jam Radio cancellation being possible on the forums, and many fans there are defending the band.

Matts3221 posted, “The height of hypocrisy! As we have a current administration that does not care at all about this country. A president with no integrity or morals calling everyone names like he is in 8th grade. I love that they call those on the left snowflakes yet they get bent out of shape on anything. A friend of mine texted me a link Fox News is currently running a front page article about it quoting Pearl Jam fans as saying they will no longer listen to this ‘loser band.'”

JP218404 posted, “tweet coming in 5….4….3….2….If Tangboy tweets about them we are gonna get angry Eddie this weekend which will be amazing!”

cincybearcat posted, “I gotta say….overall I like the theme of the poster. I’m not a fan of the dead trump. Wouldn’t like it if it was a dead obama either. But that’s about it, I don’t like it…but I know it’s just art. But I do wish they hadn’t put that on the poster. Maybe substitute Kap kneeling instead :)”

A front page Fox News article regarding the story has gone viral, you can read some of it below the tweets.

The band staged a concert to get fans to vote for Democratic Sen. Jon Tester on Monday. To promote the show, bassist Jeff Ament and artist Bobby Draws Skullz drew up some artwork that included graphic imagery of the White House on fire and the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial cracked and breaking.

The artwork also included an image of the corpse of Trump being picked at by a bald eagle while it reaches for a briefcase that appears to have the communist hammer and sickle emblem on it.

In the photo, Sen. Tester is flying above the fray on a tractor while his opponent, Montana Senate Republican candidate Matt Rosendale, is depicted with a lobster claw and holding a sign that reads “Maryland.”

“We’re at a tipping point and its [sic] time for action. Jon Tester is the real deal and nobody cares more about our country and especially Montana,” it reads.

Rosendale decried the poster in a statement to Fox News saying, “Once again, Jon Tester has shown he will stand with the far-left over Montanans. This poster from Pearl Jam is disgusting and reprehensible. It depicts a dead President Trump and a burning White House. It’s time for Jon Tester to denounce this act of violence and blatant display of extremism.”

Representatives for Tester did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

  • Stone Gossardish

    Where’s the dead Trump? In that poster? I don’t see it.

    The band doesn’t need Sirius.

    • Paul Weiss

      Bottom left, lying prone. Dressed in blue. Eagle by his right leg.

      • Stone Gossardish

        Ah. I didn’t see it. Maybe it will inspire a record from this band someday.

        • astrocreep7

          It already inspired ‘Can’t Deny Me’… I’d rather not go that route

          • Stone Gossardish

            The music part isn’t that bad. the vocal is. The song would need to be redone or better yet, left as a one off as you describe.

          • Corndog

            You’re much more forgiving of that song than i am:)

          • Stone Gossardish

            The riff it self and the tone they put on it are better than I initially thought. The hook isn’t that bad. The guitars sounds alright one it, I like the color of tone they picked for the guitars, but the vocal and the lyrics should be tossed away for good.

            Hopefully, they will be tossed away when they are no longer needed. It makes Bu$hleaguer look like a premium track. Can’t Deny should have never been released with that vocal. It’s embarrassing.

          • Corndog

            Yeah the vocals really make me cringe. His voice is constantly cracking and breaking during the song. I’m not a fan of the music either though.

          • Stone Gossardish

            That’s the part. Who’s idea was it to let that on record? The song could be sung another way. That screech and thin sounding voice in the chorus is no good. It’s not even B-Side good. It’s, someone pull Ed aside and say you don’t want to put this out, bad.

          • Corndog

            I think he’s in denial. It’s like he’s completely unaware of the state his voice is in. Right From the opening line of that song he sounds terrible.

          • Corndog

            It really was a god awful song. Like, so bad it could have been on Binaural bad.

          • Trovoid

            Right at the beginning with Breakerfall, God’s Dice, and Evacuation 🙂

          • Corndog

            Yes it would be in good company there. Four of the worst songs they’ve ever recorded.

    • Olga Stewart

      Do you see a guy in a blue suit lying on the ground with an eagle standing on his butt?

      That’s Trump.

      ETA: As Paul mentioned, the eagle is actually standing by one of Trump’s legs.

  • makingconnections

    People seldom recognize the symbolism in art in these times.

    The idea I would interpret to be to have Trump’s ideas be dead, to have his power be dead and to have all that he represents just be picked over like carrion.

    I’m sure Pearl Jam would simply like Donald Trump to retire from political life and the presidency and go back to his businesses and perhaps answer for his crimes in a court of law.

    • el

      what crimes?

      • makingconnections

        What comes to mind is the lying almost every day to the citizens of a country you are President of. The second thought is illegally taking children from their parents at the border. There are international laws about the treatment of refugees and immigrants and Trump could find himself in a world court. There’s also the businesses that he was supposed to detach from while he was president. Any activity, and yes, there is activity, is against the law. There are the daily slanderous comments about “sons of bitches” and asshole countries and generally speaking like a very ignorant person. If any of the people he slanders decide to take him to court, he’d not fare to well….there’s so much proof because of his tweets. President Trump is a very nervous person these days, at least he’s smart enough to know he’s in big trouble.

        • el

          what lying? and lying ain’t a crime.

          border? bho did exactly the same thing — it’s been going on for decades and it ain’t illegal so no, trump won’t find himself in court about it. by the way bho lied hugely — are you aware?

          no issues from his businesses what are you talking about?

          bho used profanity quite often in the white house. i have no problem hearing trump refer to certain countries in those terms — that ain’t a crime and it ain’t slander.

          i don’t see any nervousness in trump. he’s quite calm considering left media, hollywood and the left party have all colluded against him. do you know why they do that? because he’s been dismantling all their high tower elitist shit.

          look closer. the left are the only ones who have been proven to collude w/the russians — there’s abundance evidence of it but you have to be curious to want to know the truth.

          no crimes in trump — it’s just you saying there is and what the left wants you to think and repeat.

          one third of the country just goes along w/the talking points as you have so you are not unique. be unique.

          • T nT

            No, Obama’s administration did not do the same thing. The constant equivocation by the right is based on ignorance of facts. The information to educate your false comparison is out there, just look it up.

            Also, let’s assume that your belief is correct that the Obama administration did also kidnap children. Would you agree that what Obama would have done is a bad thing and worthy of derision by American citizens?
            I would. And that is why what the Trump administration DID do is reprehensible and requires derision.

            It’s astounding how the right excuses Trump’s ignorance, lying, and idiocy by stating that “others did it too”. Yes, other politicians of both parties do stupid crap too, but liberals will call on those people to step down even when they are on the Democrat party. Case in point was Al Franken. Democrats asked him to step out, and his action was far far from what we’ve seen Trump do. And yet, the right, like you, will excuse and defend Trump. The right is quick to jump on a liberal, Democrat for doing something stupid, but when Trump does those things constantly, the right simply defends his actions.

            As for collusion with Russians, you are once again quite ignorant of the facts. What actual evidence is there of the left colluding with Russia?
            The only “facts” you’ll find is conspiracy snake oil radio show buffoons, Brietbart, and Fox News. Beliefs and want of beliefs is not fact.

            And, it’s actually about 1/3 of the country that continues to support Trump. Evidence of that? November is coming, look for evidence you’ll be able to see and feel.

            Supporting Trump is not unique, it’s ridiculous.

          • John

            “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan!”

          • el

            notice no one responded to that? they never look at it. they can’t deal.

          • suz

            i noticed.

          • el

            you bought the lie: YOU BUY MANY OF THEM.

            KIDNAP? you’re too f’d up on this to unpack. nobody said kidnap.

            al franken did not actually win his senate seat — look that up.
            NEWSFLASH: it ain’t awesome to ‘fire’ someone without facts. in the middle (where i am) and on the right FACTS ARE REQUIRED. the left doesn’t do facts. so here you are celebrating the ousting of someone who’s had no trial–that’s ugly, wrong, unamerican and immoral.

            in order for us to continue, you have to read. if you just want to be an emotional puddle, i’m out and i won’t respond.


            ADAM SCHIFF (DEMOCRAT OUTSPOKEN MOUTHPIECE AGAINST TRUMP-RUSSIA COLLUSION) THOUGHT HE WAS COLLUDING W/THE RUSSIANS TO TAKE DOWN TRUMP:! SO HERE YOU HAVE a democrat ‘colluding w/russians’ while yelling at trump for doing it, however, trump-russia has never been proven because IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

            you say a lot of stupid shit but if you read and listen and say something not stupid, i’ll post, otherwise, riddance.

          • T nT

            LOL! Please, it would be the best if you just stopped commenting as all you’re dribbling is nonsense, and nearly everyone on this site knows that.

            Did you even read the article that you listed as some kind of “evidence”? The article starts by telling the readers it was a prank, Buddy. It’s also an alleged conversation, meaning it could easily have been edited from different conversations that Schiff had with other people on different topics. This video is after all from Russian comedians. That in itself should tell you how real and/or factual it is. But you bit down hard on it and swallowed and then thought you were fed something factual and real. Well, that’s your problem buddy, as it appears you’ll fall for anything as long as it feeds your want in belief rather than facts.

            Even IF that call were real, listen to Schiff’s comments he does NOT think he is talking to “Russians”. He even says the he doesn’t want to discuss certain things because Russians might be listening. Did you open your Trumdumb ears enough to hear that, or it just didn’t compute for your beliefs?
            Further, there is not collusion there because the whole questionable conversation is someone purporting to have information that could help the investigation, and Schiff is on the f’ing committee that is/was doing the investigation. There is not anything illegal there Mr. Riddance. LOL!

            Work on your comprehension, which I know is a lot to ask of Trumdumbs such as yourself.

            And the first link is not any kind of fact and thus no evidence. That article simply reports and repeats an assertion made by the known liar
            Devin Nunes. His claims have already been proven false, starting with the ultra stupid drama of pretending to get “factual information” from the Trump administration, and then he runs to that very administration to make it seem as if he went there to give that same information they gave to him. LOL! It is so fk’ing ridiculous. It would be even more comical if it weren’t so destructive as it gives Trumdumbs like you fake bullets that you think you can shoot something with.

            You of course can continue to believe that the majority of America doesn’t use facts, and that majority are Democrats with mostly liberals.
            And yet it is liberals and Democrats who support scientific research in order to help Americans with our food supply, drug supply, chemical industries, disease control, and a plethora of other science and fact based issues that need facts. On the contrary it is your right wing Republican party that constantly negates science and facts as if your beliefs are as valid, and or course they are not. You might think Noah had dinosaurs on his big boat, but in FACT you’d be very wrong.
            You might think that removing controls and restrictions for oil mining in order to protect Americans stifles our economy, but you then also choose to put corporate profit above your fellow citizens health and lives.

            Yes, the two major parties have some major differences, and the greatest difference is that the left, liberal, Democrats rely on research, learning, discussion, argument, consideration, and facts to help make the best decisions that help our economy, our businesses, and all the while trying to put American citizens first to make our country the best it can be. And you on the right have hitched yourself to the biggest liar and greatest moron the Presidency has ever been soiled with. All of those things that I just mentioned are not at all part of Trump and his Trumdumbs. You may think and believe that you are a person who follows facts, but by the “facts” that you think you just gave, you have actually shown a major reason for why you and those like you are so ignorant, stupid, and confused.

            I welcome you to continue to post more stupidity and I will read it. LOL!

          • Olga Stewart

            You have no problem with Trump calling certain countries shitholes?

            **Shakes head**

          • el

            yes, i’ve no problem. i’m all grown up and i care what trump does, not what he says.

          • Olga Stewart

            Whatever floats your boat then.

          • T nT

            What we say is part of what we do.
            That fact is lost on you.

            Words matter. And the words of an American President matter greatly.
            Yes, it’s important what Trump does, and it’s as important what Trump says.
            You can continue to hide your head in the sand whenever he opens his mouth or starts typing idiocy on twitter, but the rest of the US and the world are watching and listening and all are quite disgusted.

            As for what he does, what has he done?
            Other than signing to given rich people, such as himself, a huge tax break so that they can horde even more of our nation’s wealth, what has he actually done?

            There is no wall, and Mexico isn’t paying for it.
            He has started a trade war, as he actually has engaged in doing something that our Constitution doesn’t give the President the authority to do, and that’s impose taxes and tariffs. There are great restrictions with the laws that were created to allow a President to impose tariffs, but the situation is specified in the legislation. And that legislation gives the President some authority on tariffs only if there is a national security threat. There is no such threat from Mexico or Canada, and no such threat for mostly all of the other countries that Trump unilaterally imposed tariffs on. The problem is the Republican majority in Congress has chosen to stay blind, deaf, and dumb to whatever overreach Trump engages in. Our Constitution gives WE THE PEOPLE the sole authority to decide on taxes and tariffs by way or our elected officials in CONGRESS not in the Presidency. It is the job and requirement of Congress to step in and question and/or stop the President when he/she overreaches their authority. Other than our Congress the only other way we the people have to stop an authoritarian President who won’t follow the law is to do what the founders of the US did to England and
            King George all those centuries ago.

            You damn well know that if Obama had done a fraction of the things Trump is doing a Republican majority Congress would have stepped in and likely impeached him and possibly even removed him from office.
            Your party impeached a President who got a blowjob and had sex with a willing adult, because he lied and said he didn’t. Trump lies by the dozens on a daily basis and the Republican party remains deaf, dumb, and blind by choice. Of course you have no problem with that because you don’t give a rats butt about this country, our freedom, or our rights. You’d applaud Trump is he tore up our Constitution just to spite the left, the liberals, the libtards, snowflakes, or Democrats.

            I see that you think you are smart. But, for the most part you are ignorant, and that’s ok if you are simply just not informed.
            However, you are informed, but you’ve chosen information that supports your beliefs and feelings rather than the facts and truth.
            That, buddy, makes you stupid. 🙂

          • suz

            does anyone read this gossip all the way through?

          • makingconnections

            That should be the theme of your local Trump campaign: “Lying ain’t a crime.” That tells me that your country needs to start making education for its citizens a priority.

          • el

            just a like a leftist to focus on an irrelevant tangential. IT’S A USE OF STYLE. get some. you’re boring.

          • Corndog

            What is a use of style? Lying?

          • T nT

            Oh, it’s all part of the stupidity that is mostly on the right wing. Thus it is not a tangent away from the main points of what you’re dribbling on about. It’s the Republican party that has fought to and greatly succeeded in greatly cutting education funding in nearly all of our states at both the local and state levels. The right wing fights for the wealthy, and it’s supporters have a great delusion that if they suck up and protect the wealthy, then somehow they too will become wealthy. Tangent? No. All relevant to the major problem with this current President and the Republican party.

      • Olga Stewart
        • el

          what an f’n bore. most of this is allegation. none of this happened WHILE TRUMP WAS PRESIDENT. you want scandal?

          READ don’t just bitch. if you do, i won’t bother replying. if you say something stupid like ‘you’re getting your info from fox or breitbart and they lie’ — i won’t bother responding so just talk to yourself.

          • T nT


            See ya then.
            Buh bye.
            And please, let the big door hit ya where the lord split ya. LOL!

          • suz

            this place is ALL gossip. there’s no critical thinking in your reply.

            sad. pathetic. mob.

          • T nT

            LOL! My comments have no critical thinking?
            And, you and el are prime examples of commentary that is steeped in real critical thinking?
            Ok then. 🙂

            El and his supporters are gleefully and willingly enjoying their time in the realm of stupidity. All the while they feel if they believe the repeated BS and lies of Trump and his right wing sycophants, often enough, then wishful thinking and belief in those lies will become truth.

            The delusional thinking and verbiage on the right used to be more ignorance than anything else. Ignorant as in simply being uninformed and thus making conclusions based on not knowing the information and facts on a subject. However, over the past decades the very right wing nuts ahve become much more and profoundly stupid. When one doesn’t have or know the facts of a subject, then they are simply being ignorant when deciding to express their ignorant conclusions on things they are not informed about. However, when a person has been given information and facts, yet still continues to express their ridiculous and false conclusions, then that is clearly in the realm of stupidity.

          • T nT

            Oh, that’s right, that bastion of reality and facts.

            They list “Obamacare” as a “scam”. LOL!
            It was passed by our collective Congress.
            Thus, it is not at all a “scam”, as it was legally passed.

            Now, some, and even rightfully, object to HOW it was passed, as Democrat leadership did some political wrangling with Congressional rules to get the needed votes to pass the bill,
            Yes, we Americans can argue about all of the BS all-partisan political wrangling that takes place when the majority party decides to fudge the rules and skirt the rules. Ever since the Republicans took majority control of our Congress we have seen a lot of that majority partisan wrangling to circumvent how our government should work, in favor of how the majority party wants our government to work for their needs.
            Case in point, McConnell holding up a Presidential SC justice nominee in order to wait and see if a Republican would win the next Presidential election, even though the Constitution calls on the current President to nominate a justice in the even of vacancy. McConnell single handedly negated then President Obama’s Constitutional right and authority to nominate an SC justice.

            Every party likes to point a finger at the other party when they take advantages that they ALL engage in, so that they can get their political way. If you dislike what Harry Reid and Pelosi did with the ACA/Obamacare, then you need to equally dislike what McConnell did with Obama’s SC nomination. But, I don’t see the right wing bitching about how awful that “scam” was, the one committed by McConnell where he alone handed the next SC justice nomination to the next Republican President, Trump.

            Ever since Trump got into office the right wing has constantly been playing the “what about…” game of deflecting to a Presidential administration that is NO LONGER IN POWER. Trump and his administration are now in power. Stick to the points at hand. Instead, the right wants to excuse the extensive idiocy of Trump by pointing to everybody else as if there is some equivocation of bad actions, such that Trump can be excused for bad and or illegal activity as long as they can point to others who may or may not have engaged in similar things.

            Obama did NOT take children away from parents who sought political asylum in the US. During the Obama administration, there were older children, between 13-19, who were kept in federal camps. Those were minor children who were NOT accompanied by their parents when they came to our border. IOW, those minors made the trek to our southern border on their own. Thus, they were NOT taken from their parents, and then transferred all over the US. There is NO equivalence between what was done during Obama’s Presidential term compared to what Trump has just recently done. You choose to remain stupid to the facts. It’s your right to choose stupidity, but it’s my right not accept your stupidity and to then call you stupid as needed. 🙂

            The right are rife with “what about-ism”, with gleeful attempt at wanting to excuse idiotic behavior and hateful behavior by attempting to equivocate disparate bad actions. Yes, during the Obama admin there was the “fast and furious” debacle, and Congress stepped in to find answers. And now with Russia meddling in our last Presidential election, that same Republican majority Congress chooses not to do whatever it can to find the truth about what Russia did and is doing to our election process, rather, they are engaged in questioning the very government organizations that investigate such nefarious actions as infiltrating and controlling aspects of our elections. Instead of the Republican majority Congress seeking to question those engaged with Russia, they choose to try to vilify the very Americans who are trying to help keep our elections safe and secure from outside influence. There is no equivalence between Congress doing the right thing in questioning what happened during the “F&F” debacle, while not questioning what happened during the last election.
            With the former disgrace Congress pressed to find the wrong doers, with the latter Congress is doing their best to hide the wrong doers from being uncovered.

            Right now the right is acting like complete idiots with promoting the stupidest attempts are equivocation as excuse for bad and/or illegal actions. It’s like, “Oh, Trump calls lots of different people names like “dog”. He says that about a lot of white men, so it’s not a big deal when he calls a black woman a “dog”.”
            Really? The point is, the President is a position that is to be held in high esteem, and the person who has that office is expected to behave with high standards. Calling his political and personal opponents, “dogs”, or “sons of bitches”, or “low IQ” does NOT then make it acceptable for him to continue to use grade school bullying and language, and promote that as positive or acceptable behavior by an American President. Trump is an A$$ like no President has ever been, at least since the modern era after WW-II.

            Those who excuse Trump’s idiotic behavior as having some equivalence to other Presidents are just as void of intelligence and leadership as Trump.

    • Corndog

      Exactly. It’s bizarre that people are interpreting the poster literally.

  • Kay B

    Bands have been political since the beginning of time. Remember the 60s? I wasn’t there but I am very familiar with the music and history. It might be in poor taste (personally I don’t care) but we have a freedom of speech and this is how they chose to do it. Kathy Griffin’s stunt was in poor taste but she had a right to do it. If the dead man was Obama or Hillary the conservatives would be dancing in the streets complete with white hoods and tiki torches.

  • Dave Id

    The poster should have had Trump using a flamethrower to burn everything down.

    • person


      • Dave Id

        No thanks, I’ll use your shirt.

        • person

          cry louder…

  • person

    Eddie’s insanity has forced a once great band to become a parody of themselves….he and his “lovely” wife are simply angry, hateful, mean-spirited, hypocrites….in other words they’re typical modern-day leftists in America…oh how I used to love Pearl Jam….then I grew up…..

  • Stone Gossardish

    Funny to see the troll farms make there way to this website. They are absolutely all over the place, folks. All over.

    • makingconnections

      Are they Russian people trying to talk like their idea of a Trump follower?