Dave Grohl Beach Mansion With Neil Young Revealed


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl revealed that during the worldwide pandemic, he has been staying at his mansion in Hawaii. Grohl said he bought the house because he heard Neil Young had a home there, so he had to become his neighbor!

Grohl told Conde Nest Traveller, “In my house in Hawaii. When I heard Neil Young had a house here, I had to have one, too. My entire family is with me – my mother and sister, my wife and kids – so we’re able to make the best of this time in isolation.

To be honest, I had been working so hard all the way up until the world hitting pause, I hadn’t had a day off in months. I have a restless side that always needs to be doing something. This may be the first time that I’ve taken a deep breath and appreciated what I have, quietly.”

Grohl grew up in the Washington DC and Virginia area, moving to Seattle when he joined Nirvana. Grohl then moved back to Virginia during Foo Fighters’ early years, later moving to Los Angeles.

Grohl has a history of recording albums at home, recording Foo Fighters’ 1999 album There Is Nothing Left To Lose in his basement in Virginia, and later recording 2011’s Wasting Light in his garage with producer Butch Vig and special guest Krist Novoselic. Grohl confirmed his surprising name change a few days ago.