Freddie Mercury Was Killed By AIDS With Famous Singer


When late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury died from AIDS in November 1991, he was with Dave Clark, from the group Dave Clark Five. Freddie Mercury rejected surprising men before his death.

“I was with him at his house right at the end,” he told the Daily Mail.

“The doctors had left, and we knew it was only a matter of time. We were alone, and when he passed away, I went downstairs to tell Phoebe, his PA, and Joe, his chef.”

“His former girlfriend, Mary Austin, came over, and I phoned Freddie’s parents to break the news. He looked at peace. But it was such a waste.”

“He gave so much, but he had so much more to give.”

Freddie Mercury going blind from AIDS was also revealed. He later said about Freddie’s private personality, “There were two sides to Freddie. There was the performer who was larger than life – the bigger the audience, the better. And there was the other side.”

Freddie Mercury definitely had a lot left to give in music, as he had been around long enough to know who to trust, and who not to trust. Mercury said, “The moment we made a demo [in 1971] we were aware of the sharks in the business… once you are successful, all the baddies move in and that is when you’ve got to be really strong and try and sift them out – and that is a test of survival, really. You can’t afford to let anyone get away with anything. It’s like playing dodgems; it’s rock’n’roll dodgems.” Freddie Mercury enjoying a cowboy on a plane was recently revealed.