Freddie Mercury Enjoying Cowboy On Plane Video Revealed


Queen’s late iconic frontman Freddie Mercury was truly enjoying enjoying himself as he was interviewed by this reporter in Rio in this rootin’ tootin’ cowboy outfit. This Freddie Mercury boy bedroom claim was finally revealed.

The Freddie Mercury fan account FreddieMercuryClub posted this picture where Mercury looked absolutely stunning in this cowboy hat, as he just got off his helicopter and addressing the media before a sold out show in Rio. You can view it below. Freddie Mercury making a ‘morbid’ death comment was recently detailed. 

This Freddie Mercury fat photo was revealed by Freddie’s mother. Freddiemercuryclub
Cowboy Freddie in Rio

Babe walking casually in cool breeze (after getting off their helicopter) in Rio with his entourage of band mates and assistants and bodyguards around.

Wearing that loose colorful Hawaii t shirt with those tight gorgeous white pants…topping it off with a brown cowboy hat because he wants to and because he CAN pull it off.

He’s so cute I wanna greet him with a “Howdy cowboy?” and he’d be like “Yeehaw”.

His “Helloooo” at the beginning is the most adorable thing…it’s like he doesn’t want the big rockstar auura that surrounds him intimidate the reporter but actually make her feel comfortable and relaxed like “I’m a human being girl and right now I’m on play mode as you can judge by my outfit”.

Freddie spots the camera and looks at us for a few seconds so we get a full view of that beautiful face.

“I think everything’s gonna be okkkaaaay” love the way he says ok

“I’ve got first night jitters I think. It’s the first big night.”
Babe has first night jitters  I love how honest and humble he is talking to the reporter like a normal human being sharing exactly what he’s feeling at the moment…and it’s gonna be a “big night” alright…
He’s about to set the record for the biggest paying audience at 470,000 people during the first night and 250,000 on the second night.

Meanwhile the reporter is on cloud nine because she’s simply gotten the opportunity to speak with the great Freddie Mercury and witness all his glory and charisma in flesh…I mean just look at her super excited fangirling happy face…
Well who could blame her?
She’s all of us

Queen arriving in Rio for the Rock in Rio festival in January 1985

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