Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Terrifying’ Drug Claim Revealed


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea was interviewed on CBS a couple of days ago to discuss his Acid for the Children book, and he revealed that his ‘junkie’ stepfather was ‘terrifying.’ Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks. Foo Fighters savagely disrespecting Red Hot Chili Peppers was revealed a few days ago.

Flea discussed getting clean himself 27 years ago, “I’m 57, I stopped doing drugs and drinking alcohol when I was 30, and then I started feeling everything, and sometimes it was a river of pain.”

He later discussed his mother leaving his father to be with his guitar teacher, who didn’t seem to have much going for him, “We go to live with a junkie, jazz musician, who lives in his parents’ basement. It was a massive change.”

Flea wrote in his book, “As dysfunctional, imposing, and wounded as Walter was, he was also my angel.”

He added during the interview, “He was terrifying.” Flea also revealed a sad fight he had with Anthony Kiedis.

He said that a day that his stepfather was jamming music with others, it changed his life, and inspired him to become a musician.

“He was taking that pain, and through his alchemy, turning his pain into beauty. That’s what all art is about.”

Fans raved about the interview on Reddit. BANANA_BUTTPLUG wrote, “Great interview. I liked what the newscasters were saying at the end of the clip about how open Flea is. He’s an incredibly honest and surprisingly humble person, very in touch with his feelings, and totally not afraid to put it all out on the table.”

WombatKiddo said, “What a wonderful interview, wow. I’m interested in him saying he stopped doing drugs at 30, I’m guessing he started experimenting with hallucinogens again later on? Curious if anyone knows.” Red Hot Chili Peppers reacted to a very small crowd at a concert in a new interview.