Gavin Rossdale Reveals If Stone Temple Pilots Deserve Name Without Scott Weiland


Scott Weiland photo credit: Corey Hickok

Stone Temple Pilots recently released a Spotify playlist listing their favorite Bush songs. The list includes:

Everything Zen
Little Things
Personal Holloway
Greedy Fly
Letting the Cables Sleep
The Chemicals Between Us

Stone Temple Pilots are currently on the Revolution 3 tour with Bush and The Cult.

Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale discussed the tour in a New Hamphshire interview. He said that it’s ‘great’ to see STP carry on after the losses of Scott Weiland and Chester Bennington.

Rossdale says Bush is “ready to just go out and slay.”

“It seemed like a really smart, simple thing to do,” he said of hitting the road with the other two juggernaut bands.

“I think that in a very heavily saturated touring world, we come with three bands people know. There’s quite a collection of songs for the night,” he said.

“It’s great to see the resurrection of STP,” Rossdale adds, referring to the often-troubled band that has seen its share of turmoil following the deaths of lead vocalists Scott Weiland in 2015 and Chester Bennington (also of Linkin Park) in 2017.

Rossdale said this tour’s set list won’t contain any “off-the-beaten-track” Bush songs, instead aiming for fan favorites like “Glycerine,” “Greedy Fly” and “The Chemicals Between Us.”

“I think that my band is a little more comfortable to just play surefire, cracker sets where everyone knows every song. I think that’s the MO,” he said, adding that the decision to add certain songs is made democratically.

“Where there’s a deep cut off an old album, this new album, whatever, to me that’s just what I would do, but it’s one vote against two. It’s hard,” he said.

Rossdale isn’t worried whether concertgoers are familiar with one band or another, adding that sharing stage time simply means fans will hear top-shelf hits all night long.

“I’ve always felt that people just like a great band. To like one band doesn’t mean you can’t like another. So it’s a fun thing; we always try to outdo each other,” Rossdale said.

  • dale parsons

    Ok, I agree, but if they lose one more lead singer they might have to disband for all of our safety

  • Shane99

    I was front row at the Toronto show. STP and Bush were both great. I was not expecting Bush to be as good as they were.

    The Cult were very good, Billy the guitarist was amazing as always. I wish they were not headlining that night, though. STP and Bush were far better in that particular show.

  • billy arrington

    Hey brett, what the hell does the title of the article have to do with it’s content?
    When did Rossdale “reveal” if stone temple pilots should change their names without Weiland in the band? Did you mean to put that title to a different article?? Probably not

  • billy arrington

    Buchanan, have you ever interviewed a musician? Or are all your articles copy and paste from other people’s work? C’mon bro, be better…