Gene Simmons Embarrassing Bathroom Video Revealed


KISS icon Gene Simmons took to social media via Twitter to post what had to of been somewhat of an embarrassing moment for him. The legendary bassist revealed at what appeared to be a recent show that the venue put up a framed photo of Simmons on their walls. This obviously would be a great honor in any other situation, except in this case it was right next to the men’s bathroom! You can view the video clip below. Gene Simmons’ daughter was recently caught in bed with young models.

In other news revolving Gene Simmons and KISS, fans of “The Hottest Band In The Land” discussed their favorite 80s era KISS tracks in a new topic within the band’s subreddit. This KISS icon threatened to sue ‘disgraceful’ Gene Simmons not too long ago.

BenderRodriguez3000 started the discussion going by saying: “I grew up as an avid member of the KISS Army and there are two periods as I kid that I loved. The 70’s and the fucking Revenge era. So great. But 80s KISS, whereas I’ve always loved it seems to get overshadowed. So recently I’ve tried to figure out what cheesy 80s KISS tune I love the most. It’s hard to include any of the great hits from Animalize, due to it being a heavy and amazing Paul focused album. Anyways, I’ve dwindled it down to a couple of tunes. [Including] ‘Turn on the Night’ and ‘Let’s Put The X in Sex’. Seriously, cheesy great KISS tunes.”

Guacamole-king wrote: “Not a fan of most 80s stuff, but All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose is one of my favorites, and has a solo that is kinda unique as far as Kiss guitar solos go. The Oath is cheesy as hell but also that riff is so great. War Machine is probably the only Gene song I like from the 80s.

Gene Simmons was shown kicking this dressing room door in shocking video. Whereas RockguitarPF said: “In addition to ‘Burn Bitch Burn’, I’ll add ‘No No No’. Fucking Gene trying to sound all tough and hardcore while 15-year-old me was laughing and shaking my head at how much those songs suck. “I would NEVER put this kind of shit on an album!” I said.”