Ringo Starr ‘Angered’ By Paul McCartney Disrespect


The Beatles icon Ringo Starr was recently interviewed on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss a wide variety of subjects. Here, the legendary drummer revealed how the White Album, the Beatles masterclass album from 1968 was the catalyst for him leaving the ‘Fab Four’.  Alternative Nation transcribed the comments of Starr and host Joe Scarborough. Ringo Starr recently revealed The Beatles reunion: ‘It Will Be Epic’.

Ringo Starr: There were still discussions, meaningful discussions. I mean, the White Album, my response was that, well, I left the band. I didn’t feel I was playing and everybody knows the story. I went over to John, knocked on his door, he was in the apartment that I owned but with Yoko [Ono] and I said, you know, I feel I’m not really playing that great and you three are so close. Lennon goes: “I thought it was you three.”

Ringo: So I go to Paul [McCartney], knock because that’s what I’m like and I say that I’m not playing great, and you seem so close. Paul goes: “I thought it was you three!”

Ringo: So I said, I’m out.

In other news regarding The Beatles, the group has announced that they will release The Singles Collection, due out November 22nd. The Singles Collection is a limited-edition repackaging of 22 U.K. 45s in picture sleeves. The set also includes a newly created 7″ of the two singles the band released during the mid-’90s. Fans of the ‘Fab Four’ responded to this news via the group’s official Facebook page. Ringo Starr recently made a sad Paul McCartney bathroom claim.

Gordon put: “Even today their music goes on and on, it’s timeless. Must be a lot of younger people very interested in the Beatles. Good on them. What an era the sixties was, I know because I grew up through it.”

Ringo Starr recently revealed this disturbing John Lennon murder secret. Ronnie wrote: ” All I can say is that I grew up with this and my heart is full of wonderful memories which only people who experienced those times can appreciate.