Gene Simmons Reveals Shaved Bald Head In Jail Photo


KISS icon Gene Simmons showed off his character’s shaved bald look for a new film called ‘Arrested Development’ he is set to appear in. It doesn’t appear to have any relation to the FOX and Netflix television series, despite Simmons looking very similar to George Bluth from that series when he was in jail. Gene Simmons recently announced $2,500 VIP ticket details for a show.

Simmons wrote on Twitter, “Here I am with a skull prosthetic for a movie I co-produced last year called ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, with Wesley Snipes starring.”

Simmons later tweeted, “Apologies, I meant ARMED RESPONSE. Originally, our movie was called TEMPLE, and when I tweeted this, I had a brain fart.”

A fan recently tweeted Simmons, “Space and Time # 5 (circa 1969) included an illo by Gene Klein a.k.a. Gene Simmons of the band Kiss. @genesimmons do you remember this?”

Simmons responded, “Yes it’s true. I drew that when I was about 14 years old. And Steven Coronel, who cowrote She and Goin’ Blind with me, looks like he inked my pencils.”

Vince Neil recently revealed what Gene Simmons did to Motley Crue. Simmons recently shared a letter he wrote to Stan Lee, seeking to be cast as The Thing in the Fantastic Four film in 1982. Simmons wrote, “Here’s my 1982 letter to Stan Lee, regarding wanting to be cast as THE THING in the Fantastic Four movie.”

A cheap Fantastic Four film was later made so the studio could maintain rights, and Michael Chiklis later played The Thing in the 2005 Fantastic Four film with Chris Evans and Jessica Alba.