Grunge Legends Who Appear On Chris Cornell Autopsy Special Revealed


Autopsy: The Last Hours of Chris Cornell premieres this Sunday at 9PM EST on Reelz Channel. Alternative Nation was sent an advance copy of the episode. The list of interviewees featured on the special is very limited, with only two musicians from the Seattle Grunge scene being featured. Chris Cornell’s family, close friends, and bandmates had no involvement with the docudrama special, and there have been boycott campaigns from fans.

Dr. Michael Hunter, forensic psychologist
Kurt Danielson, former Tad bassist
Ken Settle, photographer
Matt Diehl, music journalist
Evan Schiller, drummer for Sadhappy
Dr. Linda Papadopoulos, psychologist

Archival interview clips with Chris Cornell and Tom Morello are played, along with an ABC interview clip with Vicky Cornell from earlier this year.

There are multiple dramatized ‘re-enactments’ of Cornell’s life and death throughout the episode, including a scene portraying Chris’ childhood with his father Ed Boyle. Chris’ widow Vicky Cornell, daughter Toni Cornell, and bodyguard Martin Kirsten are also portrayed by actors in the television special, but the identities of the actors are not known. All four members of Soundgarden are played by actors, including Paul Ayres as Chris Cornell.

Paul Ayres as Chris Cornell
Andrew Shire as Ben Shepherd
Patrick Holly as Matt Cameron
Ben Sura as Kim Thayil
Unknown actress as Vicky Cornell
Unknown actress as Toni Cornell
Unknown actor as Martin Kirsten
Unknown actor as Chris Cornell’s father Ed Boyle

  • Gary Reilly

    Disappointing that this website is giving so much PR to this ‘documentary’, which has no input from close family or friends and is obviously a vulture-driven venture setting out to cash in on the man when he’s barely over a year dead.

  • Dude McDuderson

    These are legends? Photographers and randoms? Cmon .

  • ellie

    Has anybody even thought that the reason they weren’t on the show is because they all know what really happened to Chris? Of course his band won’t talk, Vicky is holding the purse strings on unrealeased songs, money in their pockets. Chris had a head wound that night he died , the band saw it..but because of a badly done autopsy, the show couldnt comment if it wasn’t in the autopsy. Chris’ fans will never believe he killed himself with depression or minimal drugs, there are too many missing pieces, but, we will never know because no one will speak up, not even his so called friends.