Guns N’ Roses Member Joins Tool After Sad Firing


Former Guns N’ Roses keyboardist Chris Pitman joined Tool to attend their show in New Orleans recently. He wrote on social media, “New Orleans #toolband pre Super Bowl.” A Tool member ‘gained muscle’ in a new photo.

Pitman was fired by Guns N’ Roses before their 2016 ‘Not In This Lifetime’ tour, featuring the return of Slash and Duff McKagan, with Melissa Reese serving as his replacement. Pitman has also posted other photos hinting at jamming with Tool in the past few months, even posting a photo from a rehearsal, though he hasn’t confirmed joining them as a touring member.

Kweelovesyou posted on Reddit, “Shout-out to the guy in 103 rocking the fuck out in NOLA tonight. Sat right behind this kick-ass dude having the time of his life. He was dancing and taking his shirt off and it honestly added so much to the show.

I talked to him a bit a he told me that he was only there to be in the moment and enjoy himself, urging me to live in the moment. Guys like him remind me why i love this community and this band so much.”

The_Fractal_Illusion commented, “Awesome!!! I got to sit next to a belligerent drunk couple from Biloxi fight All Night and argue about What Legends Motley Crue are!!! I saw so many people tonight in and out of merch lines saying I have No idea who Tool is!!!”

DFuhbreeConsiderately wrote, “I’ve been to see them four times, three with friends and once I went solo and I think the time I went solo was the most fun. The strangers around me and I developed this bond over those couple hours. We’d all be glued to the stage rocking out while the songs were going on and as soon as they ended we would turn to each other and high five and give each other “fuck yeahs!” It was a blast, no other shows have this atmosphere.”

01dohc said, “I had floor seats and the 3 guys next to me wouldn’t shut the fuck up the whole concert. The guy sitting in front of us had to turn around and tell them to shut up. He told them he paid to listen to Tool and not them. I felt bad because it looked like he brought his wife and 2 kids with him. It worked for about 30 seconds but they started right back up. The 3 talkers told me they got free tickets from somebody they knew who worked for Live Nation . They all had physical tickets.” Maynard James Keenan ‘no showing’ a Tool event was just revealed.