Tool Member ‘Gains Muscle’ In Stunning Workout Photo


Tool drummer Danny Carey was looking very muscular in a new photo uploaded by former Nine Inch Nails and A Perfect Circle drummer Josh Freese. Freese posted, “Love Danny Carey (and Justin C back there.) Few weeks ago seeing old friends @toolmusic rip shit up! Thanks for the pic Tim (love your as well.) Repost @timcad with @make_repost. These guys.” Tool reacted to a sad death onstage a few days ago.

KingFlatus recently posted on Reddit, “Maynard’s energy and enthusiasm may just be my favorite part of the entire show. My wife and I are relatively new to seeing Tool live but tonight was by far and away the best we’ve seen them. We saw them twice in 2016 and Maynard was like a totally different person on stage last night. Going back and forth between two microphones, doing his weird dances. He even got down on the front of the stage while Adam had his back turned and had a tech push him around on a cab while the song went on! It was hilarious. He also sang with the megaphone during Vicarious while he was on his back and kicking his legs back and forth.

It was so awesome to see him having so much fun compared to before. Not sure the next time we see them will be able to top last night’s show!”

TT462Mobilize responded, “Yes totally agreed. He has the perfect balance of energy, mobility, creativity and passion. The 90’s he was overly crazy on stage, then the past 2 decades he was the dark shadow in the background. Really nice to see the new Maynard. This tour has been incredible.”

Skad4life2 wrote, “90’s Tool was nuts. Those shows were sooooo much fun. It’s more about the music and the show now I think but back then it was pure energy. Crazy. I love how they have evolved.” Maynard James Keenan ‘trolled’ fans a few days ago at a show.