Robert Plant ‘Can’t Sing’ In Brutal Performance Rant


Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant did not sing at a recent Australian fires benefit concert in Nashville, but he did announce raffle contest winners, ranting about bizarre accents in odd onstage remarks. He said, “What is that accent? Where did you get that accent from? For f***’s sake.” Robert Plant being ’embarrassed’ by potential bad ticket sales at a show was just revealed.

Kershawjacob wrote on social media, “We had a great time last night at the Australian Bush Fire Benefit in Nashville! And to make the evening a bit more special, I got the chance to meet the legendary @robertplantofficial!!No photos with him unfortunately, but he was a heck of a nice guy!”

Led Zeppelin fans on the band’s official forum recently discussed the band popping up in surprising places. Hummingbird69 posted, “Just saw the trailer for The Kid Who Would Be King. Characters are shown wearing Zeppelin Ts in a couple different scenes. Would post a link to the trailer I saw but I guess it’s not on youtube yet because I can’t find it. There is an official trailer on youtube but it’s not the one I saw.”

No Quota said, “I was watching the movie “Donnie Darko” the other night and saw the Swan Song poster on his ceiling above his bed.

What makes it even more interesting is that is where the “time continuum split” and Donnie’s eventual trip to heaven begins, when the engine comes through the roof and poster and kills him.”

Jabe wrote, “I was shopping in everyone’s *favorite* store today, Walmart, where it’s always the same, when all of a sudden Communication Breakdown started playing on the PA system. (I don’t know if I recall Wally ever playing music before because I’m too busy checking the people out) Anyway, what a slick marketing ploy. I started tossing shit in my shopping cart that wasn’t on my list. Thought it was going to drive me to ruin.

Irony of ironies, this Walmart is located in Pelham, a suburb of Birmingham. I saw Plant perform Communication Breakdown at the then Oak Mountain Amphitheater back in the day, less than a mile from where I was shopping. Drive me insane!” Michael Jackson’s daughter recently leaked a gross Robert Plant photo.