Iduna’s “Nosedive” Is Stellar Treat For Tool & Blind Melon Fans


Without a doubt, there is no denying the fact that nowadays, we are in desperate, desperate need of a great rock band. And not just one who can hit a couple chords, bang a couple cymbals and call it a day. No. We need a band that can craft sonically rich, lyrically powerful compositions that can simultaneously shake you to your core and rock your face off. If your musical leanings and tastes are anything like me, then you better strap in and check out Iduna.

With slick production, a caviler approach to songwriting and some straight up cutting lyrics bleeding through the mix in the form of sadistically catchy melodies, Iduna swung for the fences with “Nosedive”. And man, did they clear them. A Perfect Circle, Incubus and early 2000’s rock lovers rejoice! Edgy, unsettlingly whimsical guitars jag and jangle through the verses while an absolute monstrous bass line possesses you.

The passionate vocal delivery will serve any fans of Chevelle a welcome serving of straight up rock majesty during the chorus. Iduna makes the art of guttural, down right fantastic rock look effortless. The song’s mellow bridge calms the waters for a minute before ripping into a flashy, on point guitar solo taking us to the final chorus. And while of this kicks total ass, it’s those lyrics, man.

The melody in the chorus demands to be sung by a massive crowd at a festival. That is a fact. It’s not hard to see that this song possesses that capability.The standout lyric, in a song of well thought, biting lyrics, “While they talk that way. Spokesbot, spindoc, shady messengers. We’re all passengers. “will sit with you long after the song crushes its way to a fantastic close.

Iduna pulls no punches in the music video for “Nosedive” either. The band’s passion for thir craft and their ability to hit it hard sit on full display. The frustrated point of view of the song’s narrator is personified in the video’s main character being trapped in a cell- fighting and scraping their way out to escape the conformity and constraint of society. The video serves the absolute perfect role a video should in that it perfectly compliments the song- and Iduna.

Listen. Iduna is not a band you can pass on. If “Nosedive” proves one thing above the rest, it’s that Iduna are a force to be reckoned with. The killer combination of music and lyrics are stellar. And on top of that, this small sample size is oozing with potential. Make sure to enjoy “Nosedive” and make sure to check out Iduna across their social media sites. You won’t be sorry!

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    As usual on here- overproduced generic crap.