Jimmy Page Reveals If He Really Hates KISS


While many of rock’s great bands have had feuds over the years, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page appears to have no disdain in his heart for KISS singer/guitarist Paul Stanley. Stanley has revealed a gift Page sent him for his birthday. Page wrote, “Paul, 60 years and getting younger!” Page recently revealed what he really thinks about Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“This is our victory lap,” he told Sydney Morning Herald. “It’s us celebrating everything we created with our audience and with our fans. It’s that time for people who’ve been with us over the years to come and celebrate all that we’ve had together. There’s people who’ve never seen us before and they’re leaving the show and thinking, ‘Why didn’t I come to this earlier?’ It’s terrific.”

He said about his home life, “My life here is what I consider a fairly normal life. I drive my kids to school or pick them up, I go to the market or the hardware store, but I also get to have an extraordinary life. It was Mark Twain who said ‘If you find something you love doing, you’ll never work a day in your life’ and along the way, I try to have a laugh as much as possible.”

He added, “I’m definitely on a break from my school duties and out there preaching rock’n’roll and causing mayhem. We’re just having a ball, the chemistry on stage is incredible, we’re having a ball off stage too; we’ve never had more fun and there’s so much to celebrate. The band is on a high because we’re just doing the ultimate Kiss show and that in itself is a cause of incredible pride.” A photo of Jimmy Page with coke near a tour bus was revealed yesterday.