Freddie Mercury Fights With Boyfriend In Sad Photo


A rare photo of Freddie Mercury in an argument with boyfriend Jim Hutton backstage at a Queen show has surfaced. While Mercury and Hutton had a solid relationship in Mercury’s final years, Hutton did detail fights with Mercury in his book ‘Mercury and Me,’ and how Mercury would have sudden mood swings. A Freddie Mercury actor was sadly groped recently.

Brian May also recreated a classic Queen photo that he posted yesterday on social media. He wrote, “I had to find the spot where that lovely old group photo was taken. We did ! It’s at Royal and Toulouse, in New Orleans French Quarter – and although a few things have changed, a lot of the ancient features are still there.

The lamp post has been extended upwards – presumably to accommodate that less-than-pretty piece of ‘No Right Turn’ signage – and I seem to have lost my mates ! But … well, it was a nice feeling to get back there. Now … how about those other memories. ! Where’s Peaches ?!! Aaaah … it’s 2019. How did that happen ..? 💥💥💥💥

BIG THANKS to my dear friend Kimberley Barsana for sending me this great antique pic and starting a nice quest ! And thanks to Liam Wheatley who took my picture here, and Zoe Smith who led the search party ! The chap in the background in the picture from 1980 is Walter Versen – who was, for a number of years, my security guard and friend in those days. We are still pals. 💥💥💥💥 And, by the way, if you’re interested in this stuff, there are lots more vintage pictures and stories in my book —— QUEEN in 3-D. Cheers – Bri.” Freddie Mercury making a fan cry when taking a photo with them after he got AIDS was revealed last week.