Michael Anthony ‘Offensive’ Van Halen Wife Remark Leaks


Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony poked some fun at his best friend and The Circle bandmate Sammy Hagar on social media recently, telling him that he looked old enough to be his wife Kari’s father. Michael Anthony recently revealed if he will reunite with Eddie Van Halen in 2020.

Hagar first posted a photo and wrote, “Happy birthday to the love of my life Kari, the most beautiful woman in the world!”

Michael Anthony commented, “Happy Birthday Kari, you look like you could be Sams daughter!!😳”

Van Hampshire discussed David Lee Roth touring in 2020, along with Sammy Hagar, in a new VHLinks.com topic, “I think I care because I want to support Dave and see one of the singers that fronted my favorite band of all time. I truly am split down the middle with Dave and Sammy. I started listening to VH in 1981 so Dave has always been there from the start but I also accepted Sammy rather quickly as I was already a fan of his. My first VH concert was 5150 as well and it was great. That being said I made it to just about every Dave solo show that came around as I love his voice.

I saw him once on the Filthy Little Mouth tour in 1994 in a small club in Boston. it was no where near the amount of people I was used to seeing at a Dave show and dave was practically in the audience it was so tight. It was probably one of the best times I have ever heard him sing. His voice that night sounded fantastic and he was forced to engage directly with the crowd as there was no place he could go.

I have played drums since 1982 and I take it very seriously. Sure I have never had anything close to the success Dave has had but being able to do what I do with it is me and all me. It really defines me as a person and if I couldn’t do it halfway good at a show I would be devastated. I enjoy Dave’s raps, his banter, the showmanship, the glitter outfits and his athletic ability. At the core of all of that though there needs to be a baseline of passable singing. All that other crap means nothing if you can’t sing the damn songs with at least some level of professionalism. I’m not talking about singing perfectly either. Dave is usually late coming in to every verse which causes him to have to cram all the words into a short space. I care because I am a fan.” A Van Halen member recently ‘begged’ for a Michael Anthony comeback.