Michael Anthony Reveals If Van Halen Will Reunite In 2020


Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony has announced his touring plans for 2020, and unfortunately he will not be back with Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, and David Lee Roth, but luckily he will be continuing to tour with Sammy Hagar and the Circle. Michael Anthony recently dropped a new Van Halen singer bombshell.

He said in a new video announcement to fans, as transcribed by Alternative Nation, “Ho ho ho, it’s that time of the year. My wife Sue asked me to do something different this year, and this is about all I could come up with. But anyways, me and the kids and my family want to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year to everybody.

Thank you very much for your support for the year. We have some great touring plans for next year. You got that camera straight? Anyways, happy holidays, be safe, and party hard. We’ll see you in the new year.”

He wrote in a caption on the video, “HO HO Happy Holidays!! I’m a bit buzzzed, it’s my favorite time of year!! Forgot to mention the tour next year is with my Circle brothers!! Can’t wait, see you soon…#heresto2020 #lovetheholidays #Christmastime #lovemyfourleggedkids #cheers #family.”

Bgilzean commented, “Dude, you are the coolest member from Van Halen! We love you Mad Anthony! Merry Christmas!!!” Openroaderchris added, “Such a bad ass rocker! Happy holidays. Had me some Mad Anthony’s hot sauce with dinner the other night with tacos!!! Rock on Michael.” An Eddie Van Halen relative revealed a ‘coughing’ photo a few days ago.