Phil Campell’s Son Talks Bastard Sons, Calls Lemmy “The Last True Rock Star”


Anthony interviews son of legendary Motorhead guitarist on his new project

After Lemmy’s death on December 28th, 2015, the story of Motorhead came to a close. However, this was not the end of Phil Campbell’s musical story. Phil is currently working on a project with his three sons Dane, Tyla, and Todd called: Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons. Heading in a more hard rock direction, the four piece is set to release a self titled EP in November. I recently had the honor of speaking with Tyla about this new project and his thoughts on Lemmy.


How did this band come to be?

It was at a huge fiesta years ago. We hired a live band and my brothers, my father and I decided to have a jam. This gave us the idea to be a new band with a sorta party atmosphere.

How would you compare the band’s sound?

We are going for that rock n roll sound. I feel fans of Motorhead should enjoy it. In this project Phil has more freedom to write what he wants. Motorhead fans will like it and I feel we will make new fans.

I noticed, from what I heard, you guys sound a lot less metal than Motorhead. Then again Lemmy always considered Motorhead to just be a rock band. 

That is true. We are more rock and roll but we are still pretty heavy, but yeah just stripped down rock n roll.

How is the writing process going for your upcoming EP?

Our EP is just about finished. We recorded, mixed and mastered it in about 2 weeks. We had Motorhead’s mixer and producer, Cameron Webb work on it. I’m sure alot of Motorhead fans will get a familiar feel. That’s the plan and I hope to get a new album out next year.

Do you have a name for this album yet?

No we don’t have a name yet. We wrote a couple of riffs for the album and hope to finish it all up next year. I’m sure father will think of a clever joke of an album name.

Any touring plans?

We are soon going on a European tour, then a full UK tour and then a show in Germany with Saxon. So we will be pretty busy. Hopefully we will be able to tour the US next year. That will be great I think.

Too bad you can’t jump on next years UFO/Saxon tour.

Father was just talking about how cool it would be to do that. He loves both bands so that would be a great tour.

How is it like being a new artist playing a festival as huge as Wacken Open Air?

I’ve played a few big festivals in the UK, but this was my first international one. It was a great experience playing with my Dad and brothers in front of so many people. I hope to hit the festival circuit next year.

How was your relationship with Lemmy?

Lemmy is what I’d call a true gentleman and a very intelligent man. My favorite memory of Lemmy has to be when we were in Jim Marshall’s house. My brother and I were stuck on this hard question during a game of trivia and then Lemmy comes in and answers all of the questions right. He was a really great guy. He was the living embodiment of rock and roll. The last true rock star.