Rage Against The Machine Reached Out To Zack de la Rocha For Reunion


In a new Strombo Show interview, Tom Morello said that he has ‘not been successful’ when attempting to reunite Rage Against The Machine again in the last 8 years since their final 2011 LA Rising festival performance. Zack de la Rocha has been long rumored to be the holdout. Alternative Nation transcribed Morello’s comments.

Strombo: When I knew you were coming in, what I wondered was, we all fans think Rage Against The Machine should exist.

Morello: Yes.

Strombo: But then I thought John Lennon once thought I don’t want to be in the Beatles because I don’t wanna go back to high school. So, I thought does Tom [Morello] think Rage should exist the way we [fans] think it should exist?

Morello: Yes.

Strombo: Well, there you go.

Morello: But, if a Rage Against the Machine show breaks out, count me in.

Strombo: That’s amazing. But, you’re a list maker, have you listed a way to make this happen?

*Morello laughs*

Strombo: Like, I do assume you guys talk…

Morello: Yeah, we’re all very friendly but like I said if a Rage show occurs, I will definitely be the guitar player.

Strombo: So you can’t be the guy that can make that happen?

Morello: I have not been very successful with that in the past.

Strombo: But you have tried?

*Morello shrugs*