Rage Against The Machine Reveal Who Is ‘Broke’ Before Reunion


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello is back with RATM for a 2020 reunion tour, and he will kick off his year in January with a high priced ‘Guitar Revolution’ event in Newport Beach, California where fans can pay to jam with him and other stars, though some broke fans will have a chance to go. Rage Against The Machine threatened to ‘kick out’ a big name a few days ago before touring.

Morello recently posted a quote about ‘privilege’ that says, “Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because it’s not a problem to you personally.”

Thebartermen commented, “Privilege is being able to afford tickets to The Newport Beach guitar event.”

Morello responded, “@thebartermen Truth. There are also scholarships for those who can’t afford, at risk youth, and former inmates from the Jail Guitar Doors program. #factcheck.”

Hunter_the_metal_fan commented, “I apologize for my white privilege I hope you can forgive my white sins.” Morello responded, “@hunter_the_metal_fan I’ll consider it but thanks for taking responsibility.”

M1k3.ko said, “Like your money…. that’s a privilege that many people don’t have.” Morello shot back, “@m1k3.ko that’s correct, you’re learning.”

Kylehaglund told Tom, “Privilege is celebrities telling you you’re privileged.” Tom responded, “@_kylehaglund triggered.”

Jonnyjlang said, “Privilege doesn’t exist. We are all born with opportunity. Some use the opportunities that are presented to them. And some don’t recognize opportunity and blame others for that lack of recognition.” Morello shot back, “@jonnyjlang I was looking for a concrete example, thank you for providing one.”

I.offical.dub suggested, “Y’know you should stick to guitar, cause you don’t know a single thing about politics.” Morello claimed he would consider it, “@i.offical.dub at last, a sensible comment! I’ll consider it!”

The_pipeyard_studio asked, “Oh the irony of a privileged musician posting about other people being privileged! Wonder how a kid from Harlem got into Harvard!?!?!”

Morello shot back, “@the_pipeyard_studio scholarships. Because people at Harvard recognize that institutional privilege has kept people like me OUT of Harvard for literally centuries.” Rage Against The Machine dropped a John Frusciante bombshell last week.