Jack White Reveals Stunning Eddie Vedder Haircut Photo


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder is letting his hair grow out, according to new photos shared with Jack White. Eddie Vedder just leaked the new Pearl Jam album to some surprising names.

Ben Jenkins wrote, “Surreal dinner with Jack White and the Vedders in Hawaii. The short story is I designed a Warstic surfboard for Eddie as a thank you for all the kindness he has shown the Warstic fam. Battle means so much to him. So many amazing stories and just can’t get over the joy in this guy it’s not what you expect. Funny thing is he wrote the soundtrack for Into the Wild …one of my all time favorite movies.

Movie was a big part of changing my mindset a long time ago which led to worrying more about making art and being outdoors more than being comfortable. No doubt in my mind Warstic wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t seen it. EV loves the ocean so I pulled the colors in the board design from a big wave.”

Tracy commented, “Life changing movie for sure. And Pearl Jam has definitely changed my life with their music. I’m in awe of you Ben. Super proud and beyond stoked for your success my friend. #battle #liveslowmakefast.”

Julia wrote, “Wow.. you hang out with rockstars.. and make cool stuff too.. sweet.. I’m not at all jealous.. that’s a lie I am lol.” Pearl Jam’s rumored 2020 North American tour plan was just revealed.