Maynard James Keenan ‘Sick’ Tool Claim Revealed By Actress


Tool singer Maynard James Keenan is a good friend of Joe Rogan, and Rogan told a creepy story about the rock icon during a recent podcast interview with actress and comedian Iliza Shlesinger. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments from the Joe Rogan Experience. The conversation started when Iliza reached for a jar of Joe’s. Tool fans just ripped the band for a cancelation on their website.

Joe Rogan: What is that? Oh, that’s from my friend Maynard. He sent me that from his farm.

Iliza Shlesinger: Is that like a black jacket?

Joe: No, that gigantic monster is a tarantula hawk.

Iliza: Great name, that’s like something out of a [inaudible].

Joe: They kill tarantulas, they sting the f**k out of them and lay their eggs in their bodies. Those are monsters. They’re so big, it’s like a little bird. So he was explaining it to me and describing how f**king big it was, then he sent me one, a dead one, from his place. Pretty cool, right?

Iliza: I don’t think it’s dead, I think it’s waiting.

Joe: That’s Maynard from Tool’s bug.

Iliza: That’s f**king sick.

Justonemorethang posted on the Tool reddit recently, “Did Maynard ride the amp at all the shows this tour? So I was at the DC show and there was a moment where Maynard was moving an amp across the stage to his riser. He hopped on top of it and a crew guy pushed him across the stage. It was a great moment of the show but I’m wondering if it was spontaneous or just a thing that he’d been doing at most shows. Thanks!”

74Yo_Bee74 responded, “He did it at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. I was very shocked to see how interactive he was with the audience . He gave everyone a chance to see him this time verses staying in the back left corner in the dark playing with himself.” System of a Down revealed a sad Tool performance photo last week.