Slipknot Drop Emotional Metallica Breakup Bombshell


Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson revealed in a new interview that because Metallica have never broken up, he does not intend on seeing Slipknot coming to an end either, even if he is someday confined to a wheelchair. Corey Taylor recently snapped when asked about recent Slipknot drama.

Mick Thomson told Metal Hammer, “I don’t think about the end, because that, to me, insinuates that we have a finite amount of time that we can do this.”

“As long as I can play I’ll be getting wheeled onstage and playing shows. I look at Metallica and Iron Maiden and they’re still doing it. Why wouldn’t we?” A Slipknot member recently revealed how he sadly disrespected Corey Taylor.

A secretly recorded phone call was recently leaked featuring Metallica representative Tony DiCoiccio conspiring with Live Nation to put 88,000 concert tickets on secondary market websites before ever giving real fans the chance to buy them directly. The conversation is from February 2017 prior to Metallica’s WorldWired stadium tour, which is still ongoing.

“Ticketmaster will not do it,” Roux can be heard saying on the 11-minute call that Billboard reviewed in full, explaining that the plan to put the tickets on sites billed for resellers had to be concealed. He suggested that “either a Live Nation employee or a venue box office basically take these and sell them into a singular account,” the way tickets are typically allocated to fan clubs or sponsors. Once the tickets were placed there, they would be listed and sold on secondary-market sites.

Lars Ulrich recently revealed a bad injury photo. The Billboard report also states, “The recording, which would have been legal to make without one party’s consent under both New York and Texas state laws, offers an unprecedented view into how thousands of concert tickets for major tours have been sold first on the secondary market – where resellers can mark up prices – without being offered to the public at face value.

It also shows the extent to which the rise of online ticket sites has put pressure on artists and promoters to capture more of the profits resellers are making – and how Live Nation is uniquely positioned to help solve the problem, as the owner of the world’s biggest ticketing platform that even its rivals use.”