Metallica Member Injured Onstage In Brutal Photo


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich revealed a photo of himself after he hurt himself onstage on his drum kit from a classic gig. A Metallica icon recently made a cancelation after a health scare.

“28 years since we first came to your beautiful city, Moscow. Counting the seconds til we roll back in tomorrow for what I believe is the fifth time…”

charmander_kanto commented, “Wasn’t that when he hit his finger in Harvester of Sorrow.”

guth_am responded, “@charmander_kanto Yes. James took that pause too seriously haha.”

He also posted, “Tartu… unreal experience to play at Raadi Airfield tonight, totally unique and unlike any setting I can ever remember. Beautiful night, incredible conditions and what a privilege to celebrate music and togetherness basically right on top of your awesome Estonian National Museum.

Thanx to everyone who rolled out from near and far.. an extra fuck yeah to all who made the journey from Tallinn…A serious next level connection was made to all 60.000 of you. My mind is blown.. love you Estonia!”

Jason Newsted recently revealed what Gene Simmons did to Metallica. Lars Ulrich wrote earlier, “Hämeenlina… normally fire and trees don’t mix very well, but in the case of Tuesday it was perfection… Beautiful setting by the lake, beautiful weather and amazing conditions for 60.000 humans to connect around the joy and experience of music and everything in its wake. You gave us your voices, your passion and your hearts and we threw it right back at ya to the beat of our ability. Thanx for rolling out from near and far… Finland, we love you, cya not soon enough!!!”